Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I'm an education admin in a program for gifted students K - 12. Before I surged to the level of my incompetence, I was a teacher of writing in the same program. I got here by way of Steve's Facebook group, Classroom 2.0. I got there by way of Doug Eyman, who knows me from a list called TechRhet (, which is where a lot of people migrated when ACW-l, the list for the Alliance for Computers and Writing, went the way of the 486.

I'm here to learn.
Hi! Sue Tabaka here from Cold Spring, MN, USA. Looking forward to this journey with all of you!
Hi everyone,
I am Seshagiri, Systems Official working at State Bank Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad, A.P. India. Our Institute is the apex training institute of State Bank of India to train officials at rural and semi-urban branches. To spread job knowledge to all officials and field staff working at our 10,000 branches (total staff around 1 lakh), our Institute
started producing Video Learning Packages on all topics relevant to them. A sample video was today in Video section of this site. The videos received good response from our bank staff. We developed the videos using powerpoint presentations backed up audio commentary provided by one of our faculty members and the presentation files were converted by me using screen capturing software, Camtasia Studio. We are very convinced about the method we followed and I would like to spread the information regarding the method we followed to develop video learning packages. In this connection, I request you to read my paper titled "WHAT DO WE DO WITH KNOWLEDGE?" posted in three parts in this discussion form. For people, who would like experiment themselves to develop video learning packages, I request them to see the URL: wherein the process of developing videos was given in detail.
Thanking you all,
I use Camtasia and it's a fantastic program!
Mr. Steve Hargadon
I sincerely convey my thanks to you, for having created this space and giving me opportunity to
offer my views to all educators in this space. I request you to read my three-part paper submitted
in My discussions and advise me your valuable suggestions. Please also view the video submitted by me as a sample of videobook produced by me.
- Seshagiri
Hello everyone from Pamela Livingston in NJ, USA. These are great conversations, and very important. McLuhan said the artists are the ones that really understand changes as they are happening, everyone else is in the middle of it and just not getting it, but we educators are artists aren't we! It is an exciting time to live and to explore teaching and learning in Web 2.0.

Professionally, I have been a technology director/educator, speak at conferences, write, and starting July 1 will be supporting schools and districts as a consultant.
Hi. This is J Guadalupe Salcido from Mexico, I´m interested in virtual learning and how web 2.0 are working to improuve knowledge and apropiate the learning among students, I'm very eager to learn on this social network
Hi, i'm Simone D. and i have with my 2 friends a start-up :)
We are focused mainly on web2.0 web-applications.

See you!
That was our first year running the Open Source Pavilion--hurrah! Glad to know it made a difference. Since then we have added a speakers program that is now a formal part of NECC and gotten much better visibility at the show.

Way to be a pioneer!
Steve, good looking site congratulations. I am a parent and technologist in the UK and have set up a network over at, aiming to help parents make some sense of all the technology their Kids bring home... just stopping by. Cheers Toby
I'm a high school science teacher from Taylors, South Carolina. I also teach a virtual physical science course in our district as well as an Intel course to teachers. In my spare time (ha ha) I maintain our school website. I have a podcast that I started but have fallen quite behind. I will not be allowing it to fade, but hope to find time for a new episode next week. My podcast, No Teacher Left Behind, is technology related and is housed at blogger.
I'm a science 8 teacher at Rensselaer, NY. Also, head of the tech committee.



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