Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I am a 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher in San Jose, CA.
I have been teaching for over 18 years, all in the SF/SJ Bay Area.
I have a real zeal for integrating technology throughout the curriculum.
I was a participant in the 2006 Yahoo! Teacher of Merit program and I have tried many different web 2.0 tools in the classroom.
G'day Mr Curry. I hope you will share your experience of the different web tools that you've had experience with. Start a discussion or two and compare your experience. Hope to hear from you soon.
I'm so glad to hear about this forum! I teach 8th grade in the high desert in Southern California. I am looking forward to expanding technology in my classroom and exposing the kids to 21st century literacy skills. I hope to blog with others who can help me along the way!
Julia, welcome. I know how disappointing it is when a post has no replies so I hope this serves as encouragement to contribute in whichever way you can. I am learning that Ning social networking helps me move forward in small steps on a broad front, rather than leaps and bounds in a small area.

If you've not started blogging with your students yet I reccommend that you begin one for yourself (or for your class) initially. That way you will build your expertise and will have more to offer students in their tentative first steps.

Two suggestsion:
1. click on "Follow" on a few discussions and stay in the loop.
2. enter into conversation with people and claim them as friends at Classroom2.0 That might help to have you coming back and taking part in the conversations.
Hi! My name is Stephanie from Southern California. I have taught 8 years in elementary school and recently did my master's project on technology. My school was severly lacking in technology and the skills that go with it. By the end of my master's project the kids were blogging, doing wikis, and cross checking resources! I see the critical need for urban schools to "catch up" to the technology and information around them.
Woh! We need you here! It would be great if you might share your expertise and hard earnt learning. Create some discussions on what you've found success with.

Welcome to this great community. There are 'sister' communities as well on Ning -e.g.,,
Dorian Love, ICT Teacher at Roedean South Africa. I use Moodle to organize computer skills classes, and am interested in ways in which ICTs can be used across the curriculum. I am trained as an English and History teacher, so not very technically minded. Currently I am trying to help the music teachers set up blogs for various groups. We are using SharePoint off the school intranet.
Welcome Dorian! You'll find this site full of enthusiastic people with great things to share. Only enthusiastic teachers take the time to share their learning with each other so we are blessed to be part of such a community.

To jump into the discussions I would reccommend clicking on "Follow" at the bottom of various pages to stay in the loop with various discussions. I look forward to your contribution. I don't know SharePoint. Perhaps you might like to share that with our community.
Hello Everyone, Poonam Kurani, Middleschool Technology Teacher, Mumbai India. Web 2.0 and collaborations has not percolated in our classrooms yet. I love this new world of collaboration and its very inspiring reading all the posts here.
Poonam, after reading various posts here you'll have much to offer your school community. We are in a position to improve our practise and influence our schools with our learning. I hope you find volumes of new things to share. Don't forget to click on "Follow" so that you stay in the loop with various conversations.
Hello All. I am Rick Glass. I am in my third year of teaching 4th grade at Harrison Elementary School in Warsaw, IN. I beginning my second year of having a 1:1 classroom. Each of my students has a desktop computer at his/her desk. I have been asking around, but have yet to find another 1:1 elementary class in northern Indiana. If you are in a similar situation, I would love to talk to you. I have a lot of stories to share and a lot to learn.
You are blessed having such equipment. I hope you will share some of the journey on these pages. Welcome to this site. It certainly is a rich place.



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