Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello all! Brian Palacios here. I live in New York City and I am currently a high school mathematics teacher in Brooklyn. This is my third year teaching, and I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio (Go Cavs!). I am a model tech teacher at my school and am coordinating and running several types of PDs for our staff. I look forward to learning from and collaborating with you all!
I am a middle school English language arts teacher at a small private school in a small city governed by the city of Los Angeles who is trying to bring life to her stuffy, boring classroom. I’ve never used a blog, nor do I have a website of my own, but I would like to and that is why I signed up here.
I am pretty tech savvy and can use many different software programs, but I have never had the time to get to know all the Internet has to offer. This is my first step. I can’t wait to find out where this journey takes me.
Bonjour, everyone! I'm a French teacher at a public college preparatory high school for gifted students in Tucson, Arizona. I'm looking forward to the day when my kids will use handhelds and the like to teach themselves the structures of the language, and we can spend our class time using the language to communicate (or make podcasts!)

Drop me a line! Especially if you're a secondary language teacher!
Morning - Carol Good, high school, Language Arts/English teacher in Arizona. I look forward to collaborating with everyone and seeing teachers involve themselves with technology.
Carolyn Blue, from Detroit (MI). I've spent the past five years running a computer clubhouse at the Northwest Activities Center in Detroit. We are 1 or over 100 clubhouses located throughout the world ( In 1999 Intel announced its support to build 100 clubhouses worldwide. I am proud to be part of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network. I serve to assist youth, ages of 8 - 18, in exploring their own ideas and developing skills and confidence through the use of technology. It is a great program that requires constant learning. I'm looking forward to how Classroom 2.0 can enhance what I and my colleagues do.
hi all, Mike Kingsley from NY here!

I currently work in 3d animation, but am interested in education and technology!

Looking forward to sharing ideas with everyone!
Hello my name is Linda and I teach History in WI, over the summer I had a small taste of what web 2.0 tools are able to do, I loved it! I am attempting to try a collaborative platform myself and am a little nervous. so I look forward to the v-room programs that are available because I then have more evidence and concrete examples of how these things can work in my setting.
I'm a physics teacher from New Zealand, and an enthusiastic user of social software in RL. I'm excited by the possibilities of using web tools in exciting and innovative learning.
Hi Everyone, Tessa here, Seaside, CA, USA. I am new to this type of thing (generally I stick to email/web surfing), but I am hoping to up my technology savvy.
Aloha -
My name is Cami and I am an 8th grade humanities (combination social studies and English) teacher at an independent school. I live and work in Hawaii - love it.

Our program is very innovative and striving hard to develop a school that targets the ideas of a 21st century learner. I am very proud to be a part of this program.
Hi my name is Tara and I am a middle school teacher for an online high school. Yes I teach in my pajamas :-) I also started my masters progrma in Leadership and Technolgy Integration.
Hi Tara welcome that is just great, I love online anything. I am Allyson and I teach at a Fashion High School in Manhattan. This is a great site where we all share and learn so you will have a good time here



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