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John your topic would make a good discussion on the front page of classroom20 just to see what others experiences have been Would you like to put it up there as it has already created a lively one on the introductions page? There are quite a few student teachers as members and it would be interesting to hear what they have to say - as well as experiences from other members.

I will do so before the day is done. Thank you for the discussion and support.

 ~ John
All too often, here in Victoria, Australia, we find that graduate teachers still have little idea of technology and use in the classroom either. I think it is wonderful that you are using these tools as a professor and find it difficult to believe the disassociation with professional and personal use. However, I have found that teachers need to use the tools on a personal basis as supporting some 'needs based' application and they then transfer it to their teaching. I have just returned from the Learn2.008 conference where everything was ning based - publicity, registrations, conference sessions etc so non users were made to use the tool. Participants also had to sign up for a twitter account and use it at various times duting the conference. So they learnt how to use these tools and see the potential benefit of them.
I also like Ellen's comment below. Teach them within the sites.
Anne, You went to Shanghai?????? I am so jealous.
I know, arent I lucky. I attended the Learn2.008 conference, which was great. The keynote speakers were so inspiring, yet caring and sharing. You can see the sessions, and notes people made on the sessions at It was a true technological conference using web2.0 constantly.
Thanks. I will do so.

Take care,
~ John
Hi John,
As a teacher and technology student I want to disagree with your statement about students who are not using the technology tools that are learned. The schools still work with an old curriculum so it is an uphill battle by technology trained teachers to implement and use Web 2.0 tools. We have to get permission from the Administration to use any web-based form of technology with our students. This is because they fear retribution if the students are stalked by predators.

We are limited to using Web 2.0 tools as homework assignments and we have to make sure that it is approved by the school or else face having letters put in our files or worse. I have introduced the use of these tools without permission only as homework assignments, but it is not widely publicized. Some of my students are interested and some of them just put minimum effort into it for a grade.

Here is a web quest that I designed for my students that was never used because my principal did not approve it.
Hi Allyson,

I think you might have misunderstood my statement.... I was referring to college students, pre-service education students, future teachers. I recognize and clearly understand what you are saying about the Web 2.0 tools in schools. However, the students that I work with are future teachers that, even though they feel (and claim) that they are good at technologies like social networking, they seem to have no clue how to apply those technologies to their future career. They use the tools personally, but see no application professionally.

I cannot speak for actual practicing teachers that take the tools and implement them. The roadblocks they encounter are daunting, but it doesn't take long looking around this Classroom 2.0 community to see how well some make it work. I'm just personally and professionally struggling with getting my preservice teachers to understand how something they use everyday could also work in their future classroom.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I hope I've explained my statements a little better.
~ John
Hi John
I must apologize for being so strong, I can understand your frustrations but technology can be so overwhelming that students that they tune out and so miss out on a lot of information. I teach high school so I have to be on top of them all of the time. I remember how overwhelmed I felt my first year in class. I still get a twinge on the first day of school after a long vacation
Boy you are really subversive--trying to use a webquest to enhance your curriculum and develop independent thinking with your students!! Doesn't it just make you sad.
Don't you think that subversive is such a strong word to use for simply trying to teach my students Global Skills
I was being sarcastic!



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