Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hey, Lisa. I've taught gifted kids for 25 years and I love my work. You can see all we've done in the last few years here. Our student blog is here, and my website is here.

Join us at the Gifted Education Ning--
Hello. I'm Katherine, a former (very former) English teacher in the state of Washington. I now work for a technology company and am tasked with getting involved with our education customers and product groups to see if I can, uh, er, enhance the relationship. :)
Hi everyone. I'm a school library media specialist in an independent Pre-K to 8th grade school. I am also in grad school for my Master's in Library Science. I am looking for ways to use 2.0 in our library. I am also working with teachers to teach 2.0 and looking for how other schools are doing professional development in 2.0. Right now I am preparing a training for teachers on tagging and social networking. Any tips or threads on that here?
Welcome aboard! I'm sure you'll learn a lot hanging around here. N
I'm a futurist, an education "revolutionary" trying to help figure out ways to help free the future for our learners. I'm currently working on a project to set up a series of "Virtual Learning Magnets" with support of the Council of Chief State School Officers and NASA .
Well that sounds fun! Let us know if we can help you in any way around here! N.
I'm teaching 8th grade Science in Manitou Springs, Colorado. I'm interested in learning how I can better infuse web 2.0 tools into the classroom. I've recently created a classroom blog - feel free to check it out. I'm learning each day how to make this process an exciting experience for my students. Thoughts???
Welcome aboard, I know you will learn a lot by hanging around here!
Hi all,

Tim Barlow from Melbourne, Australia (about me). I've been a member here for a while but I'm more of a lurker on forums than a contributor, I always feel that what I could add has already been said.

I've also been using Web 2.0 tools for a while, I have several blogs (the best is and a few podcasts but I am always keen to learn more.
Welcome aboard, there is a lot to gain from lurking! I do it a lot myself but generally have to put in my 2 cents!
Hello, Bonjour, and Konnichiwa.

My name is Scott Meunier and I am a Canadian teacher. I am passionate about using graphic design technology to aid students in their personal expression and interest in their schooling. I also specialize in working with at-risk youth in an inner-city setting.
Hi all! I'm Julie Baird and I teach German at a high school in Syracuse, Indiana (not New York). I love working with technology but it doesn't always love me back. Most of the time I have major frustrations with our equipment when I take my students to the computer lab. However, that doesn't stop me. I firmly believe that we need to integrate more technology into our lessons and into student assignments. I'm looking forward to learning how to bring more Web 2.0 components into my students' lives to improve their learning or their enthusiasm for learning German.



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