Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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My name is Sara and I teach at a middle school on post in Ft. Hood, TX. (It's the biggest military installation in the free world.) That said, I'm fortunate to have students of various backgrounds in my classes. I'd love to learn and collaborate more with others to incorporate web 2.0 in the classroom.

Espero que podamos conocernos pronto!
Hi there - I've visited the Classroom 2.0 site many times, so thought I'd best get around to joining. I work for Scottish Further Education Unit, who act as a lead agency for further education Colleges in Scotland. We are involved in developing strategy, supporting change and in staff development. My role at SFEU is in the Centre for Learning Effectiveness, and part of my remit involves working with college staff to help them to identify opportunities for introducing technology into their classrooms, and to exploit the learning potential of Web 2.0 and other tehcnologies.
I'm about to start my research for a Masters in Technology Enhanced Learning, and I'm going to be focussing on digital citizenship and how this concept sits in the context of our Scottish Curriculum (known as the Curriculum for Excellence) for 3 - 18 year olds.
Looking forward to being part of the Classroom 2.0 activities.
HI, My name is Karen (my friends call me Kiki) and I am one of fourteen facilitators at Frisco ISD. I was a classroom teacher for 14 years and completed my Masters in Educational Technology in 2002. August 2008 will begin my seventh year at Frisco ISD as a Technology Integration Facilitator (TIF).

As a Technology Integration Facilitator, my primary duties are: assisting educators in integrating technology into their curricula, curriculum writing and multiple staff developments. Additional duties include:

* Assist teachers in creating/planning multimedia projects (i.e. Claymation/Movie Maker/etc)
* ForeThought, Workshop, eschool, Outlook, MS Software Applications, District Software and Document Camera training/troubleshooting
* UnitedStreaming/Study Island/School Objects (eduphoria!) support
* Organize videoconferences involving outside providers and inter-district locations
* Provide web resources; develop computer centers; templates; create scavenger hunts; hotlists; and WebQuests
* Fulfill any/all additional technology requests from educators

I am currently facilitating a book study for Frisco ISD educators interested in learning the what’s and why’s about Web 2.0 and how it may be applied into their classroom curricula. Please visit our blog, Please feel free to follow our Book Study but please know only invited participants may comment on posts.

Additionally, please visit These computer centers were developed in an effort to assist teachers in incorporating technology into their curricula.

I am thrilled to find this site and plan on sharing it with with my book study!
Hello I am Rafael Espinza I am from Costa Rica
I am university professor. In this moment I am doing my PhD on C&I major in learning technologies.
I like to be called Rafa
Hi :) My name is Suzanne. I was born in FL and have "hopped coasts" a few times, living in MD, NY, CA, CT, MA, and FL. I currently live in MA, about a half hour north of Boston. I am certified to teach high school Math but am not working this fall. The past seven years I worked at Masconomet Regional HS - my alma mater. Prior to that I taught in Fairfield County, CT for three years. Currently, I am completing a Masters degree in Education in the area of Technology Integration. In January, I intend to move to Nashville, TN and most likely continue my work in education, hopefully moving into some type of technology role within a school. One of the courses I am taking right now is called "Electronic Information Retrieval" and we are working on a unit about Web 2.0. That's what brought me here. :)
Well, you certainly came to the right place. Stop for a while and visit.
Hi everyone. Peg Tessling from Glenwood Illinois. I would like to collaborate with other third grade teachers-and all teachers about using Smart Boards in the classroom as well as learning about Classroom 2.0 and how to use it. I'll try group folders first!
Hi all,

Curious though with over 1700 posts as to the effectiveness of this as a way of introducing myself to the community. Do old community members still keep up to date with new members, do I have the time to look through the previous hundreds: no. Raises the question of effective size. I get the impression that this one has exceeded its optimal size and so has lost some of its cohesiveness and community. I suppose this is where the groups section comes in, though I am not a great fan of groups in Ning (I think that they need their own forum page, etc.).

Well anyway I am a Middle school teacher of Maths and Science in a remote island off Australia. My professional interests of late have been in the establishment of an online professional learning community for maths teachers across the Northern Territory of Australia. I am completing a Masters in Education examining the value of PLCs. I use the term ePLC to describe the online space for the community to meet. I think that where possible a blended program, of f2f and online is ideal: you simply cannot substitute for f2f social connections and building of social capital. I hope to explore the facility of Ning and social/online environments in engaging teachers in professional development. Please contact me if this is an area you are interested in.

Hello MarcelB and welcome. Yes, this classroom is huge, but do you know that despite having joined over 14 months ago, I still return, still enjoy the discussions and add to them as web2.0 tools change, learning outcomes may change, the need to learn more in greater depth as our emerging technologies take us in new directions. I am also from Australia and have met some fantastic people through this network. They have taken me to global projects, virtual classrooms, blogging partners and much, much more, so please do take time to look around and wander back to see what the latest discussions are and I am sure you will find some of the great benefits of being a member that others have found.
Hi Marcel.
I wondered the same thing when I joined. With over 140 pages of introductions, how effective is this thread. I added classroom 2.0 forum postings to my Google reader and read the introductions every morning. I don't respond to very many of the posts but I like reading who is here and why they joined. Welcome. I believe you'll find lots of good ideas.
Welcome Aboard, Marcel. Obviously this is a big group and of course nobody knows everybody, but overtime you start to recognize people by reading their posts and comments on the "front page". You can choose the option to be notifed by mail when a new comment is posted so it easy to follow the threads you are interested in. Let us know how we can help.
Welcome Marcel. I come back every time someone posts or join. This is a great classroom and I have learned so much and even gained courage to use the knowledge here with my students. There are several sites on technology but none with the wealth of knowledge that you will find here. This is what a classroom should be like. A fountain that overflows, where you can visit any time to get a supply of what you need for your students. This is Web 2.0



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