Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Welcome aboard. You can see all the stuff we've done over the last couple of years here. We've done blogs, wikis, podcasts, videos, webpages, video conferencing, surveys, Tikatok, Animoto, Mnemograph, and more. Let me know if you need specific info.
Hi everyone. I am Lindsay Peifer, from St. Paul, Minnesota. I am an English teacher and a library student. Although I am a strong believer in Web 2.0 technology, currently, I am concerned with the idea that using technology creates more of a participation gap between students that have or do not have access at home--creating a greater divide. I will keep reading discussions, and hopefully participate in them too, to see what others have to say on this topic. Thank you for this great resource!
I agrre the digital divide , but we have also face to face so much gap too?
Hi Lindsay,

One of the great potentials of these types of forums is that the people who do have internet access and are getting involved in these discussions will begin to talk about how they can mobilize people and resources who make such opportunities more available in economically disenfranchised parts of the US and the world. Imagine if kids who are already connected in this on-line learning begin to focus their understanding on the gaps between rich and poor, or digitally connected and non-connected, and use their understanding to mobilize leadership and resources to close these gaps. This is our great hope.
I so agree. I started a non-profit called LitWorld ( to advocate for this kind of access. I believe that we are in an incredible moment in history right now, where it may be entirely possible for all children to learn to read and write, but they have to have access: access to print. Thank you for sharing.
hello i'm moustapha from senegal west africa i would like to know poeple from dieeferent horizon.i'm a student and a musician too. i wanna learn a lot from you , your experience and knowledge.please if u will write me back .
Hello to everyone! My name is Gary Bates, and I am the InACCESS (1:1 computing) program coordinator for the Indiana Dept. of Education. We have 170+ high schools using Linux OS and Open Source software in high school English classrooms to demonstrate how schools can utilize 1:1 computing in an efficient and affordable way.
Welcome, I'm sure you will learn a lot. There are lots of smart people stopping in.
Welcome, Gary. Our high school (Wawasee) is one of the schools that has benefited from the 1 to 1 grants. I wish we could get the computers in the foreign language rooms also. ;-)
~Julie, German teacher at Wawasee High School
Hi, Julie,
I've been to Wawasee, and good things are being done there. Computers in foreign language make a lot of sense. I saw what the French teacher was doing with Alice and was quite impressed.
Our French teacher is probably the teacher whose students use the most technology. I'm stealing ideas from her constantly. We're envious of the 1:1 labs the LA classes have. Oh what we could do if we had those! I'll add that to my wish list.



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