Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi everybody. I'm Peter Knowles, high school Social Studies teacher in White Salmon, Washington. Looking to learn what others are doing to connect students with the wider world via the web.
Hi everyone. I'm Gaby Stuebing from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Glad to be involved.
Hi everyone. I am a special ed teacher, teaching inclusion to 8th graders. I am in NJ, near the shore.
Hi! I am Cherie from right outside Los Angeles, California.
hi Cheri
What grade or area do you teach?
Hi all

I work with schools across the state of Western Australia as part of a small but great team of folk who are delivering professional learning to state schools selected for a project which aims to improve the uses and outcomes of their engagement with ICT in the Curriculum.
Great to see such a large network focussed on the ICT opportunities already on our doorsteps.
Hello, Meagan here, from Wichita, Kansas. I am the instructional technology teacher in an elementary school. We are in the process of planning for next year and my hope is that web 2.0 will be a integral part of the projects. I am very interested in learning from others in elementary schools.
Hi there! I am a web application developer and Web 2.0 enthusiast. Happy to be part of of Classroom 2.0. I am currently assisting the University of Oregon in brainstorming new ways to embrace Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 in their curriculum.

If you ever need a guinea pig, we're not too far north of you! Always looking for ways to enhance the educational process here in Salem!

Hi Kathi,

Definitely will add you to my list of people plugged into my work here in Eugene. Come up to portland regularly, can arrange a stop in to see how we can share info.

Working on curriculum for the University level, and will be soon trying to adapt to other school levels.

Think the younger crowd is where to start...

Will be in touch, thanks for joining my network.

Kin Lane
Hello to all of you 2.0 people. I’m Jorge Mata, from Portugal, specifically from a very old and beautiful town called Évora. I’m a History teacher, but for many years now I’ve been working in educational technology field in a state department.
I like technology, face it as something human, connectable. It’s easy for me to see the horizon of technology in school, but seems that we don’t get the right path to reach that horizon. Well like Larry Cuban book I to tend to believe that computers in school are oversold and underused.
Now Web 2.0 is the hype, maybe it’s now the time, or maybe the time has come to many of you already and I’m only late. Hope that participating in this community could help see the light.
For now I’m going to prepare me to the Dave Matthews Band first concert in Portugal, a rare opportunity.
Hello from sunny (today at least) Salem, OR, USA!
My name is Melissa Garner and I work for Salem-Keizer Public Schools (, Oregon's second largest state school district. I am one of 1.4 people whose sole focus is instructional technology for our school district.
I'm most excited about "my" two Cadres: Our state has a Professional Development/Ed Tech cadre that meets 3 times a year and stays in touch using a blog powered by Movable Type (we were around LONG before blogging became popular!). Check us out at
The second Cadre is one we started this year in our school district with 13 teachers, each from a different school. We're really just getting started, but exciting things are happening and we're rearing to go for next year! Our humble beginnings are being recorded on a blog.
Personally, I'm a web 2.0 enthusiast!! My current favorite 2.0 app for education would have to be Google, followed closely by wufoo (and ning?) and my favorite personal app is youmail. Any where you look I'm moseylissa and you're welcome to look me up/im me/etc. :)
I'm excited to be here and to learn from all of you and contribute where I can!



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