Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Greetings from Kenosha, WI USA. I'm Joan Roehre, I support videoconferencing and emerging technologies in my district and ALWAYS looking for collaborative partners for K-12 classroom projects. Looking forward to networking and learning with all of you!
Good morning, all. Mary. Into Web 2.0 technology and its many uses in the f-2-f classroom, but especially on the Web. I particularly like the wiki for composition in higher ed.
My name is MaryLou & since I was turned-on to this incredible world of Online Personal Learning Networks three days ago I have Twitter'ed, Flickr'ed, Wordle'd, loaded Google Reader & subscribed to entirely too many feeds, created a library so I can tag everything that doesn't have an RSS, and I'm determined to have my Pageflakes established before the stroke of midnight! I'm a "seasoned" educator ( >10 yrs but <20 in secondary science) who is passionate about science & technology and I love to learn...I feel like I am finally home.
Welcome aboard--I'm surprised your head hasn't exploded with all the new stuff! Hope you can find a way to use these tools in your classroom.
Hi everyone: I'm happy to be here.
I do public relations work (newsletter, calendars, press) for nine school districts in Westchester County, NY, and have become a sort-of-expert for a number of people and organizations here on using Web 2.0. Other school PR folks have taken my workshops, and I have a blog, School Communications 2.0, about how to communicate via Web 2.0. I hope to simply network here and occasionally mine this Ning site for great post ideas. I recently mentioned this site in a blog entry, Nings for Educators. Looking forward to using your expertise and experience to learn more!
Wow. Weird that I haven't signed on here. I almost wonder how that happened. I know I haven't contributed much directly, but wow... I think my brain slipped if I haven't joined b4 today.

The "ABOUT" page on my blog is probably a better introduction than what I would type here.

I manage three main learning networks with Ning:

Virtual Southside (staff development network)

Principles of Biology (dual-credit biology)

SaintJoe H2O (marine biology program in missouri)

I'm Bonnie Brown, 1st through 5th grade general music teacher in Villa Park, IL, a western suburb of Chicago. I'm just getting started with much of the Web 2.0 technology. I have a lot to learn!
Hi all!
My name's Cecilia, I'm a Brazilian teacher who lives in the UK. I work as a TA in a primary school and I teach Spanish/ EAL to children. I also teach Portuguese to private students, all of them are adults.

I'm very much into applying ICT in my lessons and I will implement many resources I found when I'm back to Brazil next year. I will teach English there. =)
Hi all, I'm Deborah Elzie. I've worked in a variety of environments creating online learning for different learners. I currently work for the Louisiana Dept. of Education as part of the Virtual School team. I help create courses for our high school students. I'm also working on a graduate degree in Cognitive Studies at Teachers College.
Hi Lisa McArdle - Abinette here From Riverhead, NY
Hi! My name is Terri Johnson from St. Joseph, Missouri. I'm a generalist instructional coach for a middle school building (7-8) and am piloting an investigative environmental science class for 8th graders.

My goals this year are two fold: 1-to increase the quality and usage of technology within my building and 2-to increase environmental awareness within my community. I'm new to both the class I'm teaching and to many of the Web 2.0 features available. However, I'm a quick learner and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge base!
Welcome, I live OP, Ks. We're neighbors!



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