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Hi All! Gail here and very excited to have happened upon this site! I am very interested in integrated learning experiences. I feel we as teachers are way too segregated by curricular areas. I am looking for ways to "bring the learning together" to provide rich learning opportunities for our students. Technology is just one of my "habits" and it looks like this site will feed it quite nicely!
This site looks very interesting. I teach public speaking at a technical college in Washington State, USA, and am always interested in sharing new ways to help students learn. Lately I've been introducing students to Facebook, but most often they and I exchange information by old-style methods such as e-mail. / A colleague and I coordinate a project called "Good Stories for Good Learning," whose website is at We want the project to become international in scope, so if you have educationally valuable personal stories to share, I hope you'll get in touch with me at
Hello everyone! I am a recent convert from classroom teacher to administrator at a small school that serves students with learning disabilities. I oversee technology at our school and still get to team teach some computer classes which I thoroughly enjoy. One of my other administrative tasks is to aid the staff in their professional development in the area of technology.

I'm interested in collaborating with other elementary teachers and technology coordinators.

My name is Jesse Peters. I am finishing my undergraduate degree at Kansas State University in Secondary Education (yes I am taking the victory lap next year). This year KSU introduced a new course in Educational Technology that I am currently enrolled in and it has been a wonderful addition to the College of Education. I have become a strong supporter of the integration of technology into the classroom and the endless benefits it can provide to teachers and students. I can not wait to jump into the classroom and begin teaching with all of the new tools I have at my disposal!

I teach in OP Kansas and just got back from family Thanksgiving in Manhattan. I'm glad colleges are offering tech integration. I haven't seen a lot of it in the new teachers in my school.

I'm Lisa Mireles living on the island of Kaua'i in Hawaii. I am a principal of a small, independent school, working on my doctorate in EdTech from Pepperdine, teaching online for Regis University (Tech for Educators), a CODIE judge, a mom, a wife and a stand up paddleboarder. Prior to moving to Kaua'i, I worked in International Schools for 9 years and my last overseas job was at the American School of Bombay where I was Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum/Staff Development as we integrated all 3 IB programs and a one to one laptop program. I'm thinking of writing my dissertation on some aspect of Web 2.0 tools - my current favorite idea is teacher awareness, perception and use of Web 2.0 tools. It's probably much too broad so if anyone has any ideas, advice, resources or knows of anyone else doing something similar, I would love to know!


Hi to all! My name is Pam Allyn and I am very happy to be here on Classroom 2.0. I have worked in the field of literacy education for a long time, and I can't remember a time when education was simmering to quite this degree since the years of Don Murray and Don Graves when they started the conversation on writing process so many, many years ago. They brought a new fire to the profession, and that is what I feel is happening now with the 2.0 possibilities. I appreciate you all for experimenting and for leading the way. I lead two organizations, LitLife and now, LItWorld, which serve school communities in the area of literacy education. I am most interested in how the 2.0 technology can help the teachers and the students with whom we work to be inspired by words. I am very eager to hear what you are all doing and to browse here. Thank you!
My name is Tanya Travis. I'm a 4th grade teacher in Cambridge, Maryland. I also provide PD on infusing technology in the classroom. I'm looking to find new ideas that will get my students and teachers excited about new technologies.
I'm delighted to find this community. I no longer see the classroom much, but my heart is still there!

I'm a former classroom teacher (17 years in ESOL and Spanish) now working as a Learning Technologist at the University of Sheffield in the UK.

Coming from a subject specialism where communication and collaboration are everything, I am excited by the opportunities that web2.0 is opening up and enjoying the intellectual, organisational and personal challenges involved in trying to help make deep, engaging, valuable learning happen.

I look forward to sharing and collaborating with you.
Hello everyone. I am Mark Ward and I work at the Flinders Centre for Science Education in the 21st Century. Our role is to ensure that evidence is used to inform decision making regarding science and mathematics education. Our web page is and I am particularly interested in collating a variety of useful websites for teachers. I have some sections on Wardy's page under science websites, mathematics websites and a very interesting one called play and create websites. I look forward to your contributions, and to being a part of this wonderful community. My email address is
MIke Umphrey--sometime writer, sometime teacher. I work in Polson, Montana, on the Flathead Reservation. I'm the founding director of the Montana Heritage Project, which remains my favorite education initiative ever, though it is still a paradigm too far for most schools.
Greetings All!

RayZ here, a k-12 school guy with some answers and still looking for the others.
The classroom changes but not the heart of true teachers/educators. I'm a member
of Lions International (We Serve) and "Teachers International" (We Share). Ah, I made
that last one up -- it fits our tradition though. Looking to spend lots more time with all
my new friends in Classroom 2.0.



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