Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello all!
I am an "Instructional Technology Resource Teacher" on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I spend my days helping teachers use various technologies in their classrooms. Sometimes I help, sometimes I push, sometimes I simply throw up my hands in despair.
I love Web 2.0, but I can't seem to get many teachers to jump in and try. I teach a class in our district on Web 2.0 tools, but I think most are afraid, especially at the middle school level.
I am a great fan of technology and am always looking for new ideas to pass along to my teachers.
I am in Beijing, China.
Hi Folks! Rhys Moult from Adelaide Australia. I am the E-learning Project Manager at BJ Network Consulting Australia on the Elearning Network Australasia Executive Committee (as of today) and I have my own growing Ning Network as an E-learning Jobs Board that I would like to invite you all to.

At BJ's we use Moodle for our E-learning (we are in the Vocational Education and Training VET Sector) and we also provide E-learning Consultancy Services to RTO's and Small businesses and now web2.0 and e-learning Professional Development for Teachers as well.

I hope to learn alot from you all here and certainly hope to see you around the discussion boards and forums.

Hi I'm uncertain how this Ning will function without Steve's direction having arrived via a message that he will no longer be consultant here? Anyway having arrived I am seeking examples of Web 2.0 practical solutions for educators in the K12 classroom. I am a new design technology teacher. I am a chef and textile designer, currently full time mother.However e-learning itself and education technologies/pedagogies really fascinate me!
Rumors abound---Steve will still take care of Classroom 2.0. He's just not being paid by ning for a bigger job he was doing.
Well, I am going to be around! But with Nancy here things would do just fine without me! :)

No, you're stuck with me!
I was never paid---I just like having an outlet for all my opinions!! I'm retiring soon so Steve you have to forge on!
I'm the Executive Editor of Math and Science at Heinemann Publishers, eager to meet up with those teaching math and science K-12 and to find out how you're using technology in your classrooms.
Hi Emily,

Did you read the recent review of Victorian Year 7 - 10 maths texts in the MAV? The recommendation seemed to be to get mathematicians to write new texts.

What is your opinion?

Regards, Bill Oldham
VIvek Sharma from India/ (North India/ Chandigarh).
Teaching Economics and Entrepreneurship, conducting research on entrepreneurship since over 20 years, active in Non Govt Organizations, conducting programs/ EDPs for students. Technology and ICT can be used to promote education by democratization of education - this brings me to net. willing to undertake collaborative projects in India/
Hi everyone! Im new to implementing the whole web 2.0 concept because of limitations with our parish smartfilter. That all changed recently when Edublogs was unblocked:) I hope this sight is also unblocked but cant test it until Monday! Anyway, I teach computer education classes at our local high school (web design, multimedia, computer science). I start new classes in January, so if anyone is looking to join classes for a project send me an email:)

all right, now I am TOTALLY confused

What happened to what I just typed? Do I get to type it all over again?

I am Eric Ditwiler, I work in the Dean of Faculty's office at Harvey Mudd College which calls itself "The Liberal Arts College of Engineering, Science and Mathematics" and has about 750 students and 80 faculty. It is a member of the Claremont Colleges. I am also a Ph.D. student in higher education at the Claremont Graduate University. I am hoping to do some of my writing on technology and education--specifically on how technology is enabling constructivist pedagogies. I was a pioneer in Web 1.0 a decade and a half ago but it is apparent that I have some catching up to even understand what Web 2.0 is let alone what it can do.



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