Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I teach an Intro to Ed Tech class for preservice teachers. Each semester they do a group project to find an existing notebook lesson (there are tons available on the Smart Technology site) and demo it to the class. No matter what other technologies I introduce - podcasts, teacher web pages, blogs, wikis, even SecondLife - it never fails - at the end of the term when I ask what impressed them the most... The Smartboard wins hands down, every term. I'm glad you are wiping the dust from yours. Have fun.
Hello, my name is David Robb. I'm an elementary technology teacher in central Maryland.
Currently, I'm pursuing my certification in administration and supervision through the Johns Hopkins/ISTE cohort program.
Thanks for the comment, I never really thought of using 2.0 for my professional development.
Hi Classroom 2.0! I'm here because I'm interested in making education fun and free for all by using web technology.

Right now, I am helping to run a nationwide contest to get kids to make SAT Vocabulary videos @ MIT. Our goal is to create a library of free videos that are creative, fun and of course memorable. Not only will kids be prepping for the big test in a way that beats the pants off of flashcards but they'll also be helping their peers and learning to use web 2.0 in a constructive way. If you'd like to participate, please go the

I look forward to being part of your community! :]
Hi I am Jennifer, I am a computer teacher and staff developer in Valhalla NY. I recently was a Google Teacher Academy attendee. I am always looking for other classrooms to collaborate with, and other educators to learn from.
Howdy! David McGeary, from Houston, TX. I'm looking to expand my professional network. I am particularly interested in collaborating with peers in online learning or the field of enhanced learning through technology.
I'm the IT Director at a school in Toronto, Canada, where we have spent some years now working hard to expand access to technology, and with considerable success. Now we're at a sort of rallying point where we would like to catch up a bit on making sure teachers have everything they need to be successful in integrating the use of technology into the curriculum. Lots is happening, but need to do a better job of sharing our success stories within the school, and we need to do better at making teachers aware of the great things that are happening at other schools. So I'm keen to be involved with communities like this where folks trade their stories.
Hi folks
I'm Montserrat Ardevol, from Spain, and after many years as a "live" guitar teacher, I've decided to start a little online project, in order to explore its possibilities. At present, I've launched a little podcast based course for "re-starters", but I want to continue with classes for children that will foster both technique as the musical taste.

See you soon here
The thing I like about Classroom 2.0 is you can usually expect immediate feedback if you have a question or concern. You can also see some great teachers doing some great projects. I have visited a ning for librarians that you might enjoy I'm sure there are other library nings, I just haven't been to them. Stop back now and again. N
Hi Everyone,

I am a grade 6 teacher from Edmonton Alberta Canada. I am interested in breaking down the barriers between the Digital Natives and Immigrants. Love to use video games to teach with and am currently working on the use of iPods in literacy stations. Very excited to tap into the resource that this community is.
There is a language teacher looking for a collaborator on some software under open source software
Hello Classroom 2.0,
I am an Instructional Technology Specialist at a high school outside of Philadelphia, PA. Interested in developing some connections with other schools to participate in some Global Citizenship projects.



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