Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Cynthia Stephenson, Huntsville, AL; Technology PD Specialist; especially interested in Technology PD, Technology Integration, Technology Assessment
Hello, everyone! I'm Jill and teach 4th grade in South Carolina. I am very interested in learning about Web 2.0.
My name is Eddie Carr. I'm a Math/Computer Technology Teacher at Placerita Junior High School. I also and the Co-Technology Coordinator, MathCounts Coach, and webmaster at my school.

My name is Mike Sammartano. I teach 8th grade Earth Science in a suburb just north of NYC. I'm excited to join this site and hopefully share and learn a lot. I'm hoping to come up with some new ways to interact with my students via the Internet. I've been using a class website ( for quite a while, but I'm interested in exploring some more interactive sites.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.
Greetings all-

Bud Talbot here. I am a former high school science teacher (7 yrs) and current doctoral candidate in science education at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I've recently become very interested in web 2.0 apps and concepts and how they are being used in K-12 education and, by extension, how they are being used (or not) in teacher education. Anyway, I hope to learn from you all what is going on in your classrooms so that I can get a better idea of how to think about best practices for pre-service science teacher education.
Hi, my name is Mike Poluk and I am a fifth grade teacher in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. I have developed my own classroom podcast (as a starting point) and website, but I am looking for ways to continue to use web tools with my students (blogs, wikis, etc.). This on-line community is exactly what I have been looking for!
Hi Mike! I am a 4th grade teacher (new to this site) and I use wikis in my classroom. We use them for our writing and various projects. :)
Hi! My name is Eva , I'm teaching English in Spain (secondary school), I'm very interested in using web tools with my students. Right now we are using a wiki , but we need to learn more about all that.
I have a PhD in political science and am interested in using computer technology in the classroom. Right now I work as a substitute teacher in the New York City school system.
Hey everybody!

This is Brian Yearling. I am a high school English teacher, educational technology nut,and a podcaster.

Anyone interested in checking out my podcast, it is about finding free resources that you can begin to use in your classroom to transform your analog, quasi-analog, or partially analog classroom into a full-fledged, digital zone of connectedness and learning. My current production schedule is aimed at putting out a new show once every 2-3 weeks.

I'm looking to connect with other teachers who are using technology in their classrooms, especially at the 6-12 grade levels. I will try anything twice: once to try it, and once to tweak it. If you've got a project idea, I will be happy to find a way to fit it into my classroom instruction. Just contact me.
Hey Brian, Welcome aboard---we've done some pretty neat stuff K-6 over the years, you can see it here.
I am the director of "Voices from the New American" and founder of Arts & Ideas Sudbury School, Baltimore's first Sudbury school. Our take on School 2.0 is that full democratic management, age mixing and student initiated curriculum (viral learning) are the essential innovations.



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