Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I grew up in Hawaii. Went to college in California. And have been an educator in Texas for 30+ years.

I am a real live DeadHeadHippiesaurus, about to be a 1st time granddaddy. Unlike many who make the claim, I really was there. Chicago in 1968, and San Francisco at the height of its Hairy-Flower-Power-Dancing-In-The-Streets-Groovin'-at-Bill-Graham's-Winterland-Fillmore-Hey-Day.

I'm old, but surviving by staying young by thinking young. I can't retire because I love my students and I'm having too much fun figuring out just where all this new technology is taking us.

Talk about A Long Strange Trip!
Hi! Adelyn Soellner, originally from Kailua, Hawaii and currently from Hutchinson, Kansas. I joined a few weeks ago, but finally have some time to look around and see how things work. I look forward to getting connected and joining the conversation.
A fellow Hutchionian?? Cool, I live here also. I just joined yesterday. This seems like a really cool source for imformation.
Hiya - my name is Drew Buddie. I am a Scot living and teaching in England and I am a proud evangelist of all things Web 2.0 and the way they can be used within education. But my particular areas of specialism are the use of Moodle and the ways in which wikis and froiums can be used creatively within schools.
Hi All,
I'm Deb Resch and I currently work as a computer education facilitator in central New Jersey middle school. I love technology; however, it is SO time/life consuming. It is easy to get so wrapped up in new and exciting technology. It's nice to have a place to share and get feedback!
Hello all, Tracey Gould here, Langdon, Kansas, USA. Actually Langdon isn't on a lot of maps, so 30 miles west of Hutchinson Kansas. I teach Middle School Computers, LA, and Math. I can't wait to use classroom 2.0 to improve technology education in my school! Thanks!
I've read all 15 pages of introductions and am pleased to meet all of you. I focus my 2.0 efforts on educating adults, not just kids. I lead the Tutor/Mentor Connection ( and a non-school, volunteer-based tutor/mentor program called Cabrini Connections ( The T/MC is really a knowledge center, where anyone can find information that they can use to be problem solvers, or leaders.

This information all focuses on helping kids from poverty be starting jobs/careers by age 25. On my web site you'll find maps, databases, charts and other information intended to help people create solutions that reach kids in all poverty neighborhoods of Chicago, and other big cities.

Since the youth I serve are low income, part of my goal is to educate people who don't live in poverty about the disadvantages of schools and kids in poor neighborhoods, so that we change the level of commitment and support these youth receive for learning and career development.

After reading the intros it seems to me that unless we get more people from business, government, healthcare, law and philanthropy involved in forums like this, we're all going to struggle to put the ideas we learn to work in our lives.

I'm a 4th grade teacher on Long Island. I live in Smithtown, New York, (USA). The terrain is pretty flat, but we have world class beaches, and wineries. Oh yeah we're are ony about 1 hour away from NYC.
Greetings, all! I'm Karen Richardson from Williamsburg, Virginia. Thanks for making me feel so welcome! I am working on my PhD at William and Mary, studying curriculum and educational technology. I am also an adjunct instructor teaching the technology integration class. Finally, I work with school administrators, helping them recognize their role at instructional technology leaders.
Hello Classroom 2.0 friends. Never been involved with something like this before. I live and teach in a village north of London ON Canada. Since I teach Kindergarten, this is a PD opportunity for me. Love to see what everyone has to say!!
I'm italian and I live in Padova near Venice. Not satisfied of traditional way of teaching, I think ICT in classroom could be a kind of renovation.
I am number 296 on this site! What is most steak-house delight about this number is its fungus-like regeneration in almost every aspect of my life.

Take this:
2 - number of progeny
9 - years I have served as head lacrosse coach
6 - current emotional maturation age

Or this:
29 - age I proposed
6 - attempts to get a 'yes'

More amazing numberlicious fun facts:
296 - number of tootsie-rolls in the jar. How do I know this??? I was the winner! Bulls-eye! If you'd like a tootsie-roll, I have 217 left. Let me know.

I teach. English. The power of fragments. Instructional Specialist. Classrooms for the Future Tech Coach. Lacrosse Coach. Assistant Soccer Coach. Newspaper Adviser. Fulbright Memorial Scholar. Keystone Tech Integrator.

Springfield. Montgomery County. Pennsylvania.



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