Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I am a fifth grade teacher is a small rural community in Missouri. I am a mom of three and a wife of ten years. I started using technology in my classroom, even though it was very limited, my first year teaching. This is my third year in the profession and with the help of a grant I have transformed the way I deliver instruction in my classroom. Although I still have a lot to learn. That is what lead me to this group. I look forward to learning from you all.
Welcome, I'm sure you will learn a lot. I live in a south KC suburb.
Hello and happy new year!
My name is Stefan Richter and I am the founder and developer of Scribblar, a free browser based whiteboard and collaboration platform ( Scribblar is currently being used by teachers for classroom based activities as well as online tutors and homework helping sites around the globe.

My personal blog can be found at where I write about Flash Video and related technologies.

I look forward to contributing to this community and hope to also be able to gather some insights into how Scribblar could be improved to serve the educational space better.

Best wishes,

Hello, I teach Year 1 in Sydney, Australia. I'm exploring ways to use Web 2.0 tools in the classroom.
Hello all, I have just joined - very eager to figure out all this new techno stuff. I work at Monbulk, teaching and live in the Yarra Valley. I am curious about the differences between a blog, a ning community and a wikispace - all are web2.0 thingies - trying to figure out which is the best - firstly as an educator and secondly in working with a community group who want to have greater input from the community.
Hi Sue,

Welcome to classroom 2.0.

I just assumed that the local primary schools and teachers were way ahead of the secondary colleges.

I'm just starting to try to use blogs and wikis and a few other web 2 tools in my classes in the Adult VCE program at Victoria University.

You might find the edulists ( a means of getting in touch with other Victorian teachers. Or you might subcribe to Sue Waters technology blog (

Regards, Bill Oldham (sessional teacher at VU and Chisholm TAFE)

I am a middle school social studies teacher and advocate of arts integration. Very interested in the merging of art, technology, and media literacy with a central focus on character education/social and emotional learning.

Developing skill-based interdisciplinary lessons and learning activities that stimulate both the heart and mind.

Check out Once Upon a School for more background information.

Happy New Year!
Hi everybody!

My name is Box Ruiz, I'm a forange language teacher (English and French) in Dominican Republic. I'm interested in web 2.0 as a tool for better teaching practices, specialy Forange Language Class. I hope to have a really nice experience in these social network. Please, contact me if you like to share experiences.

Mu best regards.

Box Ruiz
Hello everyone!

I'm Molly Smith, an elementary and middle school teacher in the gifted program up here in Maine. I am just starting to explore the world of web 2.0 tools and am excited to incorporate as much as I can into my classroom. I can't wait to learn from others' ideas and collaborate with fellow teachers!
Welcome Molly, I teach gifted kids too. You might check out
I'm from Essex, Vt. I am happily married and have three children. Two have graduated from Georgia Tech and one is a junior at Virginia Tech. My husband is a manager at a large company and a hopeless baseball fan who has built Wiffle ball scale replicas of Fenway Park and Wrigley Field in our backyard. I teach Spanish to high school students. I have always loved technology and have almost been able to keep up with my kids on technology until they went to college. This my classroom was the recipient of 25 handed down computers. I have been dabbling with blogging and tried some pen pal things (without much success), a little audacity. I would like to fully integrate technology but it is clear that I have a very long way to go.
I am a HUGE fan of collaborative learning communities and am trying build several for various niche needs. I love working with buisnesses trying to implement Web 2.0 and with schools/teachers trying to bring this technology into the classroom. I am an idea guy with the right resources to draw upon - professional public speaker, long-time trainer, local content developer, project management, musician, and all round - "mike" of all trades.

I live and work in Bellevue, WA. Feel free to drop me a line ( if you'd like to share ideas our if you need help brainstorming for your next classroom assignment.



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