Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello everyone! My name is Eloise Glorieux and I am a technology teacher for an elementary school in Savannah, Georgia. I am looking forward to learning as much as possible about what others are doing in their schools. I find it difficult to keep up with all the wonderful things that are happening out there. While I find the comments and discussions on this site intriguing, they also make me feel like I am way behind on what's happening. Look forward to reading and communicating with other educators!
Greetings, all. I currently live on the far side of the USA (Alaska and my previous home, New Mexico, really are part of the US) but have also taught at the University of Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand (Anthropology and Maori Studies dept. and graduate faculty in environmental studies).

I tend to approach computers and technology from an ethnological and ergonomic perspective (cross-cultural human factors; participant-observer; analytical anthropology). As a result of having a Dad who was a systems analyst when computers had tubes/valves, I'm skeptical of computers as the be-all-and-end-all.

James Farmer kindly allows me to break my edublogs. Then I try to figure out how I did it so others at the can avoid the same mistakes (Cerebral Odd Jobs: have mind, will wander)
Hi everyone! I'm Cheryl Lykowski and I live and teach in Lambertville, Michigan. At my elementary school, I am Student Support Coordinator, (similar to a counselor), I teach a 6th grade Exploratory class which uses the mobile laptops everyday for projects, and I am the school's webmaster. I am also pursuing my Master's degree in Educational Technology and I am starting to write my proposal for my thesis. I have 6 kids, 1 grandson, 1 supportive husband, fantastic mom (who lives with us) and 2 chocolate labs. I am excited to be a part of this learning community and don't be surprised when I start asking for everyone's input into my thesis propoasl!
Hi! I am Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, I live in Virginia Beach, VA, in the US. And I "get" social networks. (smile)
My name is Bud Hunt. I teach high school language arts in Longmont, Colorado.
Hi all, Sylvia Martinez here. I work for Generation YES

Just met Steve at CoSN and he said I should check this out. Looks interesting!
Hello Sylvia!
I will be using GenYes in my classroom next year, so I was excited to see that you are looking at this new forum. I want to start a classroom blog as a part of my instruction, and i found a cool free site to host it that also has administrative controls for actually posting. Sorry, got blogging on the brain right now. Welcome!
Hello everyone, I teach in a Primary ( Elementary) School in South Wales UK. I have taught at the same school for 18 years!!!!!
I got into web 2.0 about 18 months ago with the twin aims of -1) giving my pupils a voice and audience worldwide via podcasting . 2) Bringing 'friends' from around the world into our class of 30 7-8 year olds for us to talk to and find out about, we use Skype and Podcasting to do this.
My kids have had a great time talking to teachers and pupils from around the globe this year. The best thing about this is they don't see it as unusual if we happen to be talking to a teacher in New Zealand or singing to our friends in Lithuania, it's just part of the school day and the 'stuff' we do. Web 2.0 is fab!!!!
Thanks to Karsten for alerting me to this through his blog. I am positive about the idea but a little hesitant to add yet another place to check and contribute to my already long enough list. I am based in Denmark two islands away from Copenhagen in a small adult education centre where we do a lot of international, national and regional project work in the area of education and training..
Hey! Just a Geek Girl wandering around the globe from Minnesota to Malaysia to Minnesota and now Singapore. I so dearly want School 2.0 to become a reality. I've seen glimpses of it, even TAUGHT in glimpses of it. And the times I've been closest have been when using technology with kids for some purpose besides "we are in computer class so we are using computers." Now I'm a tech coordinator and the buck stops here. If good things aren't happening, it's most likely because I'm not setting things up in a way that helps them happen *GULP!* Wish me luck!
I'm James Dykstra. I teach secondary social studies/history in a small, independent Christian school in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I've been dabbling with wikis and message boards in class for a couple of years now. What intrigues me right now is finding inexpensive or free ways to bring technology into the class. Most schools have limited budgets (and mine certainly does) but bringing the Classroom 2.0 in is going to take some dollars.
I'm Dave Truss and I am from the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada.
I had ended up on this site a couple times since it started, but it took a nudge on Explode by Eduardo Peirano to finally get me here long enough to see the value.
I wonder if this will be another home for me online or not??? Will it add value or just be one more place to visit? Time will tell. I think this topic, more than others, has the potential to create a greate network.
Thanks to Steve for setting this up.



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