Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Introduction-Erin Wilson
I teach 9th grade biology at Kapalama campus. I am very interested in incorporating technology in my classroom. I think that it helps engage my students.. I have been a Kamehameha for six years, and before 2002, I taught middle school in Los Angeles. I grew up on Kauai, and graduated from Punahou. I love working with Kapalama's student body. The students are well behaved and academically reliable.
My name is Erin, and I have been teaching secondary science for 13 years. I started in Los Angeles in a bilingual program, and now, I work at a large private school in Honolulu as a ninth grade biology teacher. I'm interested in incorporating technology into my classroom. It raises student interests and makes my job as an educator more successful.
Here is a picture of my new baby and me. Her name is Elena Rose.
Hi there. My name is Tim and I am an ELL teacher working in an international school in China. This is my 14th year teaching, with 10 years experience in Michigan and Texas, and now my 4th in China. I am working on my Ph.D. in Educational Leadership.
Happy New Year everyone! I joined this group a while ago, but soon after became totally swamped. I never introduced myself or became active as I now hope to do.

My name is Joan Lipman Green. I live in Potomac, MD- just outside of Washington, DC. I am originally from Buffalo, NY. I graduated from Northwestern University back in the mid- 80s (undergrad and grad) and have spent the last 23 or so years as a speech-language pathologist working with children and adults who have a wide variety of communication, cognitive, literacy and learning challenges. After working in hospitals, home care and rehab, I started my own practice called "Innovative Speech Therapy" ( in the early 90s. I specialize in using technology to help people reach their goals.

In addition to intensive speech therapy using technology, I train therapists, teachers, professors and family members about how they can use technology to enhance what they do. I wrote a book on this topic called "Technology for Communication and Cognitive Treatment: The Clinician's Guide" ( and provide a series of webinars using application sharing to show software to help people with a variety of issues (aphasia, cognitive deficits, school-related challenges) in a number of different settings (schools, hospitals, private practice, graduate programs, assisted living, home.)

I have 4 school age children and really appreciate the opportunity to network with you all because I find that between being a Mom, private practice owner, speech-language pathologist, professional coach and trainer and product developer, I have little time to socialize with colleagues.

My latest project is developing an online video training library to help families and professionals learn more about software, tools and strategies to improve communication and learning.

Does anyone have experience using, Adobe Captivate 3, Camtasia Studio 6 or Elluminate for this purpose? There is a huge price difference and varying features. I am trying to decide which one to go with.

Any insights, guidance or suggestions would be very much appreciated. I know a great deal about software to help people with disabilities, but am not well versed with Flash, website development or html. I wish I had more time to learn about it.

Thanks and I look forward to communicating with you:)
My name is LaDonza Fayard. I am a teacher in Biloxi.
Hello everyone!! just wanted to intro. myself---I teach in Biloxi, MS(9th grade/World Geo./MS Studies) Have a good day to all
hey, What school?
Biloxi Middle, right across the street from Keesler Air Force Base. My school was the old high school but our district built a brand new high school and transplanted all of our 8th/9th graders to the old high school.
I'm Mendy Gannon from Beaufort, SC.
This is my "lucky 13th" year teaching middle school history and I'm looking for ways to integrate web 2.0 tools into my classroom.
Hello Classroom 2.0 I hope you are what I am looking for. I've twittered, twhirled, designed a wiki, set up a pbwiki, placed bookmarks in Delicious, set up an igoogle page and a google group for students to collaborate etc.. The million dollar question is how to make it all work!! And a bigger question........ by the way I know a sentence doesn't start with And, how to find the time?

Oh yes, My Name is Lynn (LJ) I am a K-8 computer teacher in a school of 440 students in West Bend, WI
I thrive on technology and its possibilities for students.
Jared Nichol. Cold Lake, Alberta. Language Arts and Media arts teacher at Grand Centre High School

Tena Koutou or Greetings from New Zealand. I have accepted the position Facilitator of e-Learning for PeaK-ICT , a cluster of five primary schools in Kawerau, New Zealand. The position is 2.5 days per week. I will also work Mondays and Tuesdays as an RTeL or Resource Teacher of e-Learning at Putauaki Primary, the lead school.
PeaK-ICT stands for Partnerships that empower and actively involve all Kawerau learners ultising ICT. There are approximately 55 staff and about 1000 children involved in the cluster. As the Facilitator I am directly responsible to the five Principals who form the Management Committee.



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