Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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My name is Cheryl Morin. I am a Middle Year's teacher working in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. I am also working on a Community Based Action Research Project for a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I am interested in learning how and if values play a role in the use of technology to improve teacher effectiveness and student learning. I think I am a "digital immigrant" if one is familiar with Marc Prensky's articles, sort of struggling way behind the youngsters of today in the digital world but eager to catch up!

I am looking forward to using this site and learning from this global class.
HI, all - My name is Carol Arcomano and I'm a life-long learner of 21st century and beyond. I teach at my alma mater (Long Branch, NJ) for 12+ years and have another 12+ to go. I'm currently getting my masters in INstructional Technology at UNK. THis is what got me started on this whole 21st century stuff. My subjects are Computer Applications (Microsoft) and Cisco Networking.
Hello :) I am a math instructor at Pierce College (a community college) near Tacoma, WA. In my spare time, I developed an open-source math-focused course management and assessment tool, IMathAS. As part of a grant project supporting this, I've been working with high school instructors on using this technology in the classroom, and to develop assessments based on our College Readiness Standards (see here, for example). One of those instructors told me about this site, so thought I'd come check it out.
I am a teacher of middle school science. I have been frustrated by the limitations of the classical classroom environment and have recently been exposed to newer technology tools. I am excited about making this work with my students. I have taught for 20 years and always tried new things. I am originally from New York but have lived and taught in several areas around the U.S, I am married and have grown children. In my spare time I do lots of research, painting, and traveling with my husband and dogs.
Hi, I'm Pamela a 7th and 8th grade Keyboarding, Computer LIteracy and Technology teacher. Next year I will be teaching a new class that I am currently designing. I would like to teach digital photography, web design, etc on an introductory level. I am having difficulty creating a sequence. I think that I want everything that is done in the class to work toward the completed web design. Does anyone have ideas?
Hello Everyone! I am a Middle School administrator in Huntington Beach California.
Hi everyone. I'm Robyn Clarke from Silverdale, NSW Australia. I am a primary assistant principal and Stage 3 Literacy support teacher. I am passionate about embedding technology into everything I do in the classroom and especially enjoy collaborative projects with other schools that encourage my students to develop social responsibility.
Hey everybody, I'm Steve Katz. I am a southern California native in my 18th year teaching, number 8 in Costa Rica. I have taught all core subjects and many different electives, but have mostly taught social studies & dabbled in tech classes. I really enjoy having my students create video projects that go along with the curriculum, and I used my experience doing this (and my handouts) to write a book for teachers who want to integrate video projects into their classes ( I have also presented at a few conferences, and was recently made the Director of Educational Technology at my school. I'm glad to finally be part of this community.
Hi everyone, My name is Paul from Switzerland and I am looking to participating in forums and discussions.
Hey everyone,

Glad to join the group... it's excellent to find such a strong community of tech educators online. We're educators who are founding the Public Learning Media Labs, a nonprofit dedicated to producing free educational and social-serving web-based software.

The first our of apps,, is out & about to undergo some updates; others, including data application, history app, and environmental app are all in the works, and due out soon.

Of course, we'll let y'all know when we're releasing something new for beta or public use!

Cheers and glad to be aboard,
Hi, Larry here. I'm the IT Director at Culver Academies with partial oversight of the Educational Technology department. I'm fairly new to the educational world (20 years in corporate America) so I joined this group to learn from those who have educational experience/background when it comes to technology in the school. Thanks...
Welcome aboard, I'm sure you'll learn a lot hanging around here. This won't come as a surprise but education tech is a lot different than business world! Enjoy, n.



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