Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I teach seventh grade English and history in the San Ramon Valley of the East Bay in northern California. My students and I are embarking on a weblog journey. I have gone through Edublogs Campus to set up 60 student blogs. We start blogging on Friday, January 30!

I have two over-arching purposes so far for our blogs: 1) e-portfolios for their writing and reading; 2) a place for each student to become an expert on a personally relevant topic, to post their discoveries and thinking about their topic, and to establish a network around their topic.

I want to open up the blogs to other middle school classrooms around the world, but right now I have my security settings set as logged in users only. When I feel more comfortable, I'll loosen the reins a bit...

I'd love to know what other middle school teachers are doing with blogs.
Hi I'm Anita Hutton a Technology Coordinator from a high school in Newark, New Jersey. I am new to social networking, having just recently created my first Facebook page. I'm excited about all the resources I've already stumbled on just trying to figure out how this site works! I'll be up all night jumping from one link to another. (I've already signed up at three sites I've linked to!) I hope to create a social network for the teachers in my building and in our satellite site in order to encourage more communication and collaboration. It's great to be here and I look forward to the possibilities.
Hi, I'm Lance Pollard of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I'm almost finished my University studies and will be a Business Education high school teacher. Any resources and expertise that is shared is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Hello my name is Brett Mohr and I am new to classroom 2.0. I am currently an assistant principal/athletic director at Belle Plaine High School.
Hi everyone,

I'm Chris Foley, a pianist, teacher, and blogger based in Toronto, Ontario. I teach at the Royal Conservatory of Music and am a member of the Tapestry New Opera Works studio company. I also write The Collaborative Piano Blog and will be hosting the February 2009 Music Education Blog Carnival in a few days, so stay tuned.
Dear Steve,

Dear Steve Hi! and thank you for your regular updates. Am trying to log in as early as possible. I think I need to fulfill some technicalities. I have written some matter on my page. However, have got no comments from anyone as yet.Is it not accessible for others? Also is it safe and okay to attach my blogsite on my page? Thanks and Goodbye.
Hi! You can't log in until about an hour before the event, which is still 7+ hours away! :)

I'm not sure what the blogsite attaching question means...

Hulo! I am neeta from India. My earlier reply is not showing on this page. So, I am introducing myself in this as I forgot to do it in that one. Thanks.
Hi all.
Paul Thebert, High school, social studies, transplant from MI to MD - very happy!
My county uses Google mail, and it comes with the ability to make pages - so I have my students continue classroom debates, and collaborate online.... I just wish everyone had access.
Hello Neeta and Paul,
I hope you find this site as useful as I have. It is a great clearinghouse for ideas and thoughts.
Paul, I am also a former High School SS teacher. Transplanted to IL from WY by way of AZ.

My name is Pamela Ellsesser, and I live in Harrisburg, PA. I have a company called Komputer Kids, and I have been providing technology integration consulting services for over 10 years (during which the industry has made quite a transition). I work with districts in Central Pennsylvania, and I have recently adding the role of "coach" to one of the local districts as part of the Classrooms for the Future grant.
I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and work with Steve Hargadon recently when he gave a workshop at our intermediate unit (Capital Area Intermediate Unit 15). He is very knowledgeable and a wonderful person. It is nice to share ideas and collaborate with a person that has a sense of humor (and we all have to have a sense of humor if we are going to work with technology!)
I am promoting the use of Ning in the districts I am working with as a collaboration tool for the teachers (until they are comfortable), and then I hope to have them start to use it with their students. I have some great projects in mind. Thanks for all the help and information you provide on this site.
Hello! This site looks absolutely great! I'm taking an online class through e-tech/Ohio about blogs, wikis, & podcasting. I teach 5th grade Language Arts in Ohio. Anxious to find out more information on web 2.0, interactive boards and digital story telling.



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