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Hi! I am brand new to social networking. I am a second grade teacher at John Marshall Elementary in the Anaheim City School District in California. I'm enrolled in my second class in the DEN/Wilkes Master of Science in Education program (Instructional Media). I am a STAR Discovery Educator. I use a lot of technology, but I am new to Web 2.0 tools. I am excited to bring more technology tools into the classroom for my students. I am looking forward to meeting other educators and sharing ideas and resources.

I really enjoyed Steve Hargadon's tour of classroom 2.0 you can find it on the Welcome page on the left hand side under "Tour of Web 2.0" webcast video. At first I made a link, however since you have to install Elluminate it is a little tricky.
I am Vikrama Dhiman, Product Manager,, freelance corporate trainer and an ex-Technology Lecturer at a premier College of Technical Education. I am passionate about teaching online, efficient software development practices, Web 2.0, marketing and usable designs. I am glad to be a part of this community and hopefully will learn a lot from here, and contribute in my humble capacity.
Hi all, my name is Tim Naylor and live Washington DC. I work with Blackboard helping K-12 districts extend their face to face instruction into an online environment. I joined this group first and foremost because I am truly passionate about making a difference in education, specifically through the use of technology. In addition, I am hoping gain a better perspective of the challenges that educators face on a day to day basis.

I am always available for a meaningful dialogue regarding your perception of where technology vendors should fit in this ecosphere. Whether you hate Blackboard or love it, I would appreciate any and all feedback on your experiences with our organization or software.

Thanks for taking the time to read!
Welcome Tim,

I am taking a podcasting course in Duval County, Jacksonville, FL. using Blackboard, and I really like your program. You said, "I work with Blackboard helping K-12 districts extend their face to face instruction into an online environment." I might be interested in teaching online; I now use wikispaces and blogmeister with my English classes. Have you communicated with Duval County about putting individual teachers online?

Mary Lewis
I worked in industry for 19 years and quit to finish my teaching degree. I completed by Bachelor's degree and started teaching in 1994. I taught various business subjects until September 2007 when I was approached about becoming the Classrooms for the Future Coach. I had no idea what this would involve and don't know if I still know but it has been anything but boring. I look forward to being able to help the teachers in my district learn and do more with technology to enhance their lessons. This at times seems overwhelming since their comfort level with technology spans from not knowing how to bookmark a website to wanting to try to create wikis. It sure does keep my job interesting.
My name is Tara O'Toole. I am a math teacher at Spring-Ford High School in Royersford, PA. I teach algebra II and geometry. I am new to ning and trying to learn the ins and outs. My ning account is:
Hi. I’m Jacob Roskovensky, District Library Media Specialist for the Shiloh CUSD#1 of Hume IL. I am working on my masters in Instructional Media. I am looking for ways and ideas to weave Web 2.0 tools into our school district.
This is my sixth year teaching. This is my 4th year teaching 8th grade American History at my School McKeel Academy of Technology in Lakeland Florida. My school is a charter k-12 program made up of three “schools” with one of them expanding into a duplicate program. I ‘m located at the big McKeel 6-12. We have two elementary McKeel’s located near by in town. The south campus is expanding to a k-7 program by next year and a k-12 program in 2-3 years. In a couple of years homecoming will be very interesting with McKeel Downtown and McKeel Southside. I’m also currently in my third year of a Federal Turning Points in American History Grant program. My school currently for technology consists of smartboards, our website and a new student technology cluster of robotics, imedia and web design. Now my school is putting its focus on its teachers becoming 21st century. Because of this, I recently started my masters in Instructional Media through Wilkes University and Discovery Education. That is how I joined this PLN.
Hello! My name is Diana and I am a curriculum coach for math and technology in a rural middle school of 650 students near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We are planning to turn our school into a 21st Century learning center and are looking for ideas to integrate math/science/technology and language arts/social studies/technology. We have computers, carts of laptops, smartboards, Interwrite pads, student response systems, and graphing calculators (TI Navigators). Currently our computers are used mostly for instructional software programs in math and reading. We would appreciate any suggestions that would help us (the adults) catch up with the students in using technology to learn, create and communicate. I look forward to participating in Classroom 2.0!
Hi Everyone,

I represent a group of 4 Stanford undergraduate students passionate about technology and education, and we are here looking to talk to all of you about how we can create technology to help teachers teach this generation of students.

Please talk to us!

Ricky, David, Richard, and Michael
Hi everyone.
I just found this site and thought I would get involved. After teaching for 18 years, I'm completing my k-12 principal certification.
Welcome to classroom2.0 I am sure you will find a lot to keep you informed here. Is there a reason why you set your page to private as the biggest benefits of social networking come when you are quite transparent. I have been a member here for 18 months and have never had any issues at all. Take a good look around the discussions and forums and make friends and the benefits of personal learning networks will be yours as well.



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