Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi Lee
This is Kevin, from the TTT show and part of the NWP network (friend of Paul A.)
It's nice to see you here (since I kind of know your voice).

Hi! I'm Linda from Virginia. I found this site through a discussion at VSTE. It looks interesting and seems like it will have a lot to offer.
I am a French Artist/Art Teacher living in Brookline MA.
I started an Online Hybrid Drawing class where I teach at Cape Cod Community College.
My Class
I am also working on a video blog called videos without a blog

Interesting video site.
What are you hoping to achieve with it, Philippe?
Is there a theme?
Thanks for sharing the site.
There is no particular theme. I record Music/Art/Conference...
Some of them are educationally oriented.
For ex: the MiT5 conference on creativity, ownership and collaboration in the digital age is interesting to see for teacher questioning how to implement "fair use" in the Classroom.
Hi! Lisa Sjogren here. I hail from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Hi Lisa
Hi! My name is Jane and I am a Year 4 teacher in suburban school just south of Perth in Western Australia. I am interested intechnology and like to try out new things so I've just started having a go with Wikis and blogs.
Hi Jane
Good job on experimenting with your wikis and blogs.
Are you using them for students or for yourself?
Nancy Sharoff from New York.
Hi! I'm Janet Clarey and I work as a researcher in the learning industry. I live in New York State, USA.
All in the wrong order... hello from a Briton in Germany after I've already launched into a diatribe...

Teaching students and translating. Generally fairly technophile and in any case very much aware of the technical savvy my students have to have, so appreciative of the way this thing works as well as what is said here.



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