Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I'm an IT Manager in higher ed with a background in computer engineering and telecommunications. Working in the realm of higher eduction peeked my interest in the use of technology in teaching, learning and curriculum. I love to learn to use new technologies and look for ways to apply them within either my personal life or at work. I'm also a phd student in Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education.
Good for you Aimee. :-) I did a rough sort of blog a couple of years ago and then my district felt the need to be in control of everything and I haven't had the heart to do it again.... but have meant to have a blog. Really, good for you.
Hello everyone. I know I am joining late in the game but it seems that there are so many exciting things in this area that I have decided to jump right in and take a swim. I am in Doha, Qatar on a contract for the next six months but will be making Toronto, Ontario my home in July.
Hi there. A very, very cool 2.0 platform. Keep up the outstanding work Steve H and team.

I am a middle school educator and near completing the formation of a CA public charity and education non-profit. Web 2.0 is a huge part of our strategy and would love to hear your feedback on the project. Just posted some info in my first blog. Many thanks.
Hello. I'm Loretta Grant and I teach a multi grade 5/6 class. I'm interested in trying new things - and learning new things. I'm just a little overwhelmed with the myriad of options out there.
Hi Everyone this is Subhash Kandpal from New Delhi India. I am very happy to be here.
I am from Spain. I teach Spanish at Marlborough School. I teach Spanish III Honors, Spanish III Regular and Spanish II. Marlborough School is an independent urban school for girls.
Hello all! Scott Angstadt, Wyomissing Area School District, Wyomissing, PA, USA. Music teacher who loves to incorporate and foster interest/ real world application of technology into the learning environment.
I am working on a very small 1:1 project. I am in St. Louis, MO.
Hi! Christina Ordonez, Schaumburg (Chicago) IL. I'm an English/Reading teacher who likes to work with technology and does theater extracurriculars all year. I'm looking forward to talking to other about using technology in the classroom.
Hi, Ken Brown here in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal in Ireland. I'm a lecturer in engineering and thought I would say hello to everyone.
Education consultant and founder of Bon Education, I work with leading organizations around the world on projects and products that promote the use of technology to improve education quality, infrastructure and collaborations. Current and past projects include work on the development and promotion of Curriki, FreeReading, PocketKnowledge and

I have hosted numerous workshops around the US on how to incorporate technology tools into the classroom and I am author of the blog Literacy is Priceless. I hold an MA in Comparative and International Education from Columbia University, Teachers College and I am former English teacher (ECC Foreign Language Institute, Osaka, Japan).

I am passionate about literacy and the use of open source technologies in the classroom. In addition, I love to read, run and travel.

Happy to be a part of Classroom 2.0 from the UAE,



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