Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello from Los Alamos, New Mexico,

I'm a retired teacher (science) who integrated technology early and later (Ed.S. in integrating technology in schools). Currently working with NMSTE (the ISTE affiliate in NM and NM RETA delivering professional development ( Now working full time at LANL ( as training specialist in radiation protection.

Of special interest: Check out RETA Webinars for K-12 Educators at presented by growing group of enthusiastic, energetic, expert educators helping educators integrate technology to enhance teaching and learning.
Hi all! I'm Caroline Cerveny, a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph. I am especially interested in the application of Web 2.0 technologies in the area of faith-based educational technology. If there are others in this Classroom 2.0 website, who have a similar interest, I would love to hear from you!
I am an elementary library in Springfield, IL for five schools serving K - 5th graders. I would like to set up a Wiki for the librarians in my district to use for resource sharing. Which host site should I use? I am looking for a free one. Thank you for creating this Ning!
pbwiki is the way to go. Perfect for education. . I used it for Shakespeare class. Very educator friendly. Lots of support.

Best Wishes,
Hi everyone
My name is James Parker and I have been in the professional education business for over 30 years. Our company has seen the transitions from audio tape, to audio CD, to Multimedia CD-ROMs and DVD and now we have built and manage over 70 digital educational libraries for professional organizations like the American Academy of Family Physicians, and many, many more. We have recently launched a virtual platform for meeting planners looking for online 3-D virtual applications.
My goal is to bridge the gap between professional industry education and students. It is my belief that the ability to bridge this gap provides students with a much richer understanding of what they will be expected to achieve as a professional once they enter their field of expertise and that the countless number of educational sessions given at annual conferences are a great way of introducing students to the professional aspects of that industry.
Combined with this goal is the need for organizations to offer this content in a rich 3-D environment condusive to todays younger professionals. If you want to reach younger professionals you need to deliver the content in the formats they want to receive the content in, not the formats that organizations have been delivering their content in for years, ie; newsletters, audio only formats, etc.

I look forward to being a rfesource to those within this group that are interested in learning about virtual opportunities. To learn more visit
Hello James,

Virtual Beginnings looks like a wonderful beginning to teaching teachers in technology. I tried to set up an account, but I ran into problems. It seems impossible to register. First I encountered missing information. I work from Egypt. We do not have typical states or zip codes, so I filled in blanks with the closest thing we have. Then, I have message that says "must not begin or end in whitespace" for my business name. It only has a certain number of letters. I found these impossible to correct.

Is is possible that I can use virtual beginnings to create a teaching site for teachers and students? What is the cost of this program?

Thank you for your time in answering these questions.

Deborah Kerwood
Hello! Lynn Gerrish from Brownville, Maine - teaching Business and Technology at our local high school. I'm interested in anything that I can use to enhance my teaching and the learning of my students.
Hello, Just joined and it looks like an interesting network. I teach high school math and statistics courses. I look forward to participating and learning especially about the effective use of technology in the classroom.

My name is Sue Stones, I am from Australia. I teach IT to adults, generally in Vocational Education. I am hoping to be able to teach teachers how to teach IT in schools. I think that would be a rewarding idea.

I think that the "Information Superhighway" or "Web 2.0" is going to change the way learning happens, and teachers need to understand that, and be able to keep up with their students in order to ensure that education is effective. They need someone to help them keep up with the sorts of IT usage which their students are growing up with as a natural part of life.

Can you click on my blog. I think the information superhighway is amazing and learning sure is different than it was 10 years ago! Warm wishes, and welcome!
Lisa Q.
I'm Pertti Ervasti, working as a marketing lecturer and project manager at KAO-Kuusamo (vocational school) in northern Finland. Pertti
Check out my blog! It is small ESL pieces for ELLs
Welcome to this Ning!
Lisa Q>
(I am new, too!)



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