Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi. Katy Foster, Asst. Principal at a high school in San Francisco. I am looking for ways to make myself more able to support teachers in using technology to support their students.

My name is Isabel Lafuente. I was born in Spain. I am 36 years old. I have got my degree in Chemistry. I have been teaching Thecnology for more tha 10 years. It is really interesting because I am always learning new things. It is moving all the time, so I haven´t time for boring

I like sports and I practice some of them. I swimming, cicling, jogging, etcc

Ilike music and I really enjoy listening a good funckie music, Oh I love dancing
Hi I'm an English teacher from Morocco and I'm glad to be here!
Hello, my name is Michael Roberts from Bigfork, Montana. I teach various technology classes and am the advisor of the yearbook and video yearbook. I am an avid fly-fisherman. I spent 20 years teaching in the Alaskan bush in native villages. The social aspect of Web 2.0 tools doesn't always excite me. However, it does excite my students and I am down with that.
Hi everyone. I am Seshagiri, Systems Official in State Bank of India. My present assignment is providing technical support to Bank's Training System at State Bank Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. We have a good experience of developing Video Learning Packages using screencasting and we have distributed the video DVDs to all officials working in different corners of India. With greetings to all of you.... Seshagiri, India
Hi classmates,

I'm Lee, a UK trained primary school teacher now teaching a grade 5 class in Australia. The reason I'm here is that my new school has the technology (I think) but I'm a little wary of all the web 2.0 applications on offer - I don't want to expose my students to risks due to my ignorance. It seems other staff share my trepidation or are disinterested so I thought I'd step up and be the school's guinea pig!
Lee, you are right to be vary but there is nothing to fear--the bigger issue is finding the right tool that will enhance the teaching and learning. Wasting time is a bigger fear of mine! You can see all the stuff we've done over the last few years here to see samples of blogs, wikis, Moodle, podcasts etc.
Hi I'm Peal - I'm glad to be here too!!
How are you?
Hi, I am a technology specialist from an elementary school in Alabama. I hope to introduce Skype to our students. I am just learning to use it myself and would appreciate any suggestions for classroom use (where to find contacts, etc). Thanks so much.

Hi, everyone. I'm Tricia and have been teaching at the college level for about 8years... after 12 years at elementary school and 2 years of High School. I LOVE online teaching. I love exploring the wealth of sites available to use with students and I find it easier to link them up in an online class than a face to face class. I live in the foothills of the Sierras. We used to live near Lake Tahoe and still love skiing but are happy now to live a little down the hill so we don't have to shovel. I'm looking for other online instructors who are exploring innovative ways to reach their students online and keep them excited about learning. This site looks great and I hope I'll be able to connect with some new friends.
Hello all. Kyle Hodnett here from Avondale AZ, USA, teaching sophomore biology.
Hi everyone. My name is Lisa from Australia. As a mum and soon to be secondary school teacher I am looking forward to being part of this Classroom 2.0 learning adventure.



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