Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello everyone. I'm Anna Kagedal, from Sweden, but working in an International School in Tamil Nadu, South India. I'm a teaching librarian (but one with a library degree, not a teaching one). I am trying to keep current with 2.0, mostly Library 2.0, but I am also trying to promote use of 2.0 in the classroom to our techers here - hence my joining this ning.
Hello everyone :) My name is Amanda Debattista and I am an eLearning Teacher from Malta (that's a little island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea....) My job is to promote ICT, Web 2.0 and eLearning in Primary schools around Malta, both with the students but especially with the teachers. I have my own blog,, where I post practical ideas for the class teachers. At the moment I am following a distance course with the University of London, Online Education and Training.
Greetings! I am currently the educational technology specialist for the Ventura County Office of Education. Looking forward to participating in this collaborative network.
hey just a newbie here... pls add me on ur network list... thanks everyone. hoping for a fruitful connect here in ur site...
im Gray 23, a high school teacher from the Philippines...
I am just one part of Culips ESL Podcast from Montreal, Canada. Please visit our website if you are leaning English or want to know more natural English expressions. The address is We always talk about interesting cultural topics and real idioms that people are currently using.

And with each episode, you get the transcript, a more detailed explanation and a quiz. You can also send us your English language questions, as it could be featured in an episode (and we will definitely answer you).

Please recommend us to anyone who could use us!
Hello all, I'm Victoria from NSW, Australia. I teach English and History and have just began my Masters in Education focussing on ICT and multi-literacies. Looking forward to interacting with you and sharing ideas and plans!

My name is Cathy Murray. I am a resource teacher at Santa Maria High School. In Santa Maria, California.

I have been teaching for 32 years. I teach reading, and writing to resource and SDC students. I also teach collorborative Freshman and Sophomore English classes

:I am very interested in school reform. Currently I am a facillitator for a portion of our OEIA grant. I would be interested in talking to staff from other OEIA school.
Hi, I am Micki Daniel, a technology trainer from Knox County Schools in Knoxville, TN. I am curious about how Classroom 2.0 works and what is going on here.
Hi everyone, David Ashby, Spanish teacher and Educational Technologist from Frisco, TX.
Hi Everyone,

My name is James Watson. I teach English at a prep school in Seattle, WA. My goal for next year is to teach trimester long course on audio essays.
Hello to all,

I look forward to hearing from other educators and hope to convince other teachers in my school to join as well. I teach World Geographic Regions to 8th graders in Maine. All students in 7th & 8th grade in Maine have laptops and I am always looking for ways to use this technology to help my students develop 21st Century skills. I am also interested in hearing from teachers that have connected their classrooms with classrooms around the world. I am overwhelmed by the number of choices out there and do not have the time to research them all. So I would love to hear from other teachers who have already used these tools.

Barb Perry



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