Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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G'day Graeme,
I'm doddering around in Tasmania, doing a bit of Web 2 teaching with my religion class.
Hi all. I'm Greg and I'm not a teacher...yet. I am an attorney and published children's book author making a mid-career switch into the education field, starting with a Masters in Teaching program at Brandeis University that begins three weeks from now. It's the DeLeT program with a concentration in Jewish Day Schools. I'm especially interested in the use of technology in the classroom, and I want to make connections with others in the profession and to learn from them, so here I am.

I'm going to be blogging about my experiences at
Hi I'm Bev Humphrey I'm an LRC Manager/Learning Gateway Coordinator and Lead Practitioner for Literacy from Greenhithe in England. The school I work at is a large all boys comprehensive in a fairly socially deprived area. My passion is encouraging our boys to read by using web 2.0 technologies and international links and I run an international collaborative writing event called the Write Path. Nice to 'meet' you!
Greetings and salutations! I'm Emily Northcutt and I'm a Library Media Specialist at a public PreK-8 school in rural Kentucky. I've been a school librarian for all eight years of my career and LOVE it.

I have had a blog for my library for about 2 years, but I am very interested in learning how to incorporate other 2.0 technologies into content instruction. I'm intrigued by wikis and getting concrete ideas of how to best use the iPod touch as an instructional took.
This is Mary Howard, I'm a sixth grade teacher from Grand Island, New York. I teach Social Studies and English Language Arts. I've managed to dive head first into the integrating technology to the curriculum initiative and have created LOTS that I'm willing to share. Networking has helped immensely in my technology knowledge and I can't wait to tap into the Classroom 2.0 resources!!
My name is Monica Wagner, and I teach German and English in Indiana. I am interested in using all kinds of technology to enhance student learning. I think it is especially valuable for World Languages, as I can access the German language as it is used TODAY! I am looking into developing a Ning for my AP Literature and also my German classes.

Oh, my web site, is something I've been using in my classes for several years but it's always a work in progress.

I've been exploring Classrom 2.0 and Ning in Education....but I always feel like I could be learning more. Any helpful resources or suggestions are welcome!
Welcome, Monica! Waving to you from Northern Indiana!
Julie Baird
Hello everybody, I am Noemi Szoychen and I am a Judaic Studies/Hebrew educator. I live in Florida and I'm known for integrating technology and arts into the Jewish classroom. I work with both formal and informal Jewish education and I am looking forward in helping out in building a global collaborative Jewish education community. I am I life long learner.
I am a "out of the box" thinker who works with people who actually have never even been inside the box. Do I make any sense?
So I decided to use technology in my advantage and connect with people who envision a global education and who I could relate to and learn from. And finally, I would love to get to know people who will not be intimidated by creativity but who embraces it. I have studied and worked in three countries: Mexico (my birth place), Israel and USA, so you can contact me in either Spanish, Hebrew and/or English. To help you understand what I do, you could visit my blog
Hasta la vista!!
Hi Noemi,
What an inspiring blog! Thanks for joining CR2 and enriching the community with yourself and your life.
Hi Ian, thanks so much for stopping by in my blog and your kind comments.
Hi, all. Nadine Petrie-Waymyers, first grade teacher, Margate, FL. I'm looking forward to collaborating with other elementary school teachers; as well as everyone else on this site since we are all interested in technology. I look forward to learning and sharing with each end everyone.
Hello, everyone! I'm Shelly Terrell. I'm an ESOL teacher, originally from Texas. I've been teaching English in Germany for the last 2 years. I look forward to collaborating with everyone!



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