Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi Catherine,

Welcome to CR 2.0. It's only natural to be nervous about the beginning of your teaching career and based upon my own experiences here, I'd say that you are right. This is a wonderful community in which you can share your own thoughts and get the ideas of others.
Hello everyone, I just joined this site and I'm looking forward to explore all that it has to offer. I'm already a member of the English Companion site (love all of the rich conversations that I'm seeing there!) and I am happy to have found a place to share wonderful conversations about our demanding professions.

I teach 4th grade in southwest Ohio and consider my strengths to be Math and technology; however, I am always looking for ways to become a better teacher in all subject areas.

Personally, my husband and I love to cruise - we try to go on a couple of this year. In about a month we will be leaving for a 2 week Mediterannean cruise to Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. It should be enough to refresh and revive me before a new school year starts in August!
Hi, My Name Is Robin Ruiz. I am finishing my Graduate studies in Educational Leadership at the University of South Florida- Home of the Bulls and the Big East Conference. I am a teacher certified in Special Education- specific learning disabilities K-12, Middle School Integrated Curriculum 6-9, Elementary Ed, and I am ESOL and Reading Endorsed K-12. I work for the Polk County School District at a Middle School. I have a career background that includes designing an after school and all day summer child care program for 130 full time students for ten years and directing private and corperate preschools in Atlanta Georgia. In between jobs, we owned a continental- gourmet restaurant in Roswell, and I worked several other restaurant jobs to get me through school. I also am a wife and a mother of four of which three are at three different colleges. I am involved with my community: at church, with several organizations, and as a mentor. At school, I am the Hearth Liason for the county.
I am a big fan of soccer, and Yes, I am a soccer mom and have been for 15 years. My goal is to be accepted in the graduate program for a doctorate degree in Special Education Administration. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and lived in Europe and many US states as a child of an AirForce officer. I am happy to join Classroom 2.0. Thank you
Hello everyone! My name is Annette. I am in the process of getting my graduate certificate in teaching from the University of Richmond. For the last nine years I have been a real estate agent in Richmond, Virginia. In October I began substitute teaching when the real estate market began to slow. I decided very quickly that I wanted to pursue a career in teaching. After teaching in grades Pre-K through 6th, I have decided that I am most interested in teaching in 5th or 6th grade, math or science. I have one more semester of classes. I will be student teaching in the spring of 2010. I am very much looking forward to teaching!
Hi everyone! I'm Julie and I'm currently working towards a graduate teaching certificate at University of Richmond (VA). I have been part of the 'corporate world' for the last 3 years and I'm really looking forward to teaching in the fall!
Hi! My name is Ryan and I currently live in Richmond, VA. I am currently enrolled in a teacher licensure program at the University of Richmond. I plan to teach upper elementary students.
Hi my name is Chris P. I work at Westside Middle School in Barrow County, Winder, GA. I teach Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and others to special needs students of all ability levels.
Hello Ashley and welcome to classroom2.0 I went to your page to welcome you but it was set to private. Is there a reason for this, as one of the best parts of joining this site is that you can share, connect and communicate. It will be difficult for many of the members to do that, if your page is private. (However, you may have a good reason for doing that)
Hi there! My name is Jennifer and I'm also working on my teaching certificate at the University of Richmond, in Virginia. I currently work in a research lab at VCU doing some genetic work with C. elegans. I plan on teaching high school biology when I am done with school and I hope I can bring some of my lab experience into the classroom to make biology come alive. I student teach this Spring and I can't wait.
I started out as a molecular biologist (many years older than you:>)); you will bring to the classroom not only your passion but also your work experience. Your experience in a working lab is what high school students do want to know about. Your work experience will enhance your teaching and will enrich your students.
I believe that you bring an additonal learning domain that will positively affect your students. Your attiude along with your skills and habits will help students learn to go beyond Bloom's Tax domain of learning from only application to analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
This blog has already assisted me with advice and information to enrich my teaching style. I am already advising my students in the summer class that I am teaching what great services that are available for them. By enlarging our circle of communication, we find out what we like and can use.

Hi everyone,
I notice that there are quite a few new and graduate teachers introducing themselves which is fantastic! I was just wondering what sort of training new and graduate teachers are getting with regard to web 2.0 tools in universities to prepare themselves for teaching in the 21st century?

I am an educator teaching full time in a high school and also as an adjunct professor teaching Biology for teachers. I love incorporating technology into my lesson plans. I believe that many students still think that computers are part of their entertainment venue.
I think that many educators are catching up with the technology and the skills that they need. I love sharing what I know and also learning from my colleagues new skills.




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