Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi Adina, Your job is similar to mine. I teach technology classes - some students only, some teachers with their class, some teachers only, and some flex time. Every year is new - I love it.

Your comment on masters program and web 2.0 struck me. I will soon finish a masters in Technology in Education. I have truly enjoyed my coursework - exactly what I wanted. Although podcasting, blogs, and wikis were mentioned, we never chose to focus on them. I have recently come to realize why we should -attending NECC and this network has been great.

Are you in a computer lab setting? Perhaps we could get technology integration mentors together in the future.
I also did one of Jen's projects -- the Greeting Card, and thought it was fun and my sixth graders enjoyed it.
Welcome to the site
Hi, I am a middle school teacher from Swan River, Manitoba. I currently teach grade 8 Social Studies, English Language Arts, French Language and new to me, 2 technology classes. I have been working with a Smart Board for the past 5 years and have just completed training in Microsoft Peer Coaching and am a member of our division's ICT committee. I am very interested in using technology in my everyday teaching practices.

I am interested to learn more about how teachers are using technology in their everyday practices and expanding my abilities as well as my student's understanding of the world around them. I would like to work collaboratively with other classes around the world, so if you are interested in a project or have an idea, please drop me a line! I am looking forward to learning more and using technology.

Kirsten Carter, Swan River, Manitoba, Canada
Hi everyone,

Kathleen McClaskey here from Amherst, NH. I am interested to see how this site can be used to bring like minded people together in using and sharing a variety of online tools to improve teaching and learning.
Hello, I'm Kimberly Allison. I just found out about Classroom 2.0 three hours ago at the Building Learning Communities Conference (Alan November's conference in Boston). Talk about just in time learning . . . after being a high school English teacher for the last 14 years, I will begin this year in a new role: Instructional Technology Coach. Since I got the job last spring, I've been trying to learn as much as possible. I've got the "instructional" part of my job title pretty well under control--it's the "technology" that has me a bit overwhelmed. The Atlanta NECC conference and now the BLC conference have opened my eyes and mind in ways I never imagined. I'm hoping Classroom 2.0 will help facilitate my learning even more. Thank you for making this such a welcoming space--especially for someone so new to all of this.
Katie here. I am a middle school library media specialist in northern Illinois. I always eager to explore more ideas as to how I can use web 2.0 tools with my students.
What's up? I'm Laura, a High School film/theater teacher and ed-technology professor from Long Island, NY (USA). Always looking for new ideas!
Hello all! My name is Dianne Krause and I teach High School French at Wissahickon High School in Ambler, Pennsylvania. I have recently begun to explore the opportunities of web 2.0 with the great guidance of Kristin Hokanson, a member here. We were introduced at the PA Keystones Technology Integrators summit. Because of the information learned at the summit I feel that I have a whole new world to explore and share with my colleagues and students. I look forward to sharing and learning with this new network.
Hello everyone,

I am a new teacher, but not new to the teaching field. I have a BS degree in Biology and have been substitute teaching for several years. I have gone through the ACP training and I have just accepted a position teaching Biology at a local high school here in Katy, Texas. I am so excited about it! I am searching the web for everything I can find to help me teach students and share my excitement. I am amazed at the amount of information and teaching tools on the web and the speed at which it is growing.

I am also into fractal art and have plans to start a club at my school to introduce this fascinating art form which is so intimately connected to math and science.

Mary Thornton
Hey there fellow Katy-ian. My wife is a K teacher at Griffin off of Fry Rd. I teach at John Paul II off of Hwy 6 and Briar Forest. Nice to see some locals on this space. Which HS are you at?
Shalom from Israel!
I am glad to be here. I am new to the world of blogging and the other web 2.0 tools. However, with much help from an online course i have just finished with Educar (, I have managed to learn quite a lot. Still, there'm much to be learnt, and I am interested in blogging both in English and Spanish (I teach both in "my" Israeli school - I've been teaching there for so many years that I nearly feel it belongs to me)
This coming school year I would very much like to integrate blogging in at least one of the classes I will be teaching (I mean one in English as a Foreign language and one in Spanish as a Foreign language)
I hope joining this group will help me (I am pretty sure it will)
Well, my first attempt at a blog in English is EFL Yud Kugel
For Spanish I will mention the one I want to use with teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language in the israeli school system (we work a lot together): ELEIsrael
I certainly welcome comments, suggestions, etc.
HI! I'm Liz Thackray and I work for the Open University in the UK. Looking forward to meeting people and learning lots



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