Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Miss A, Again welcome aboard. N
Hi everyone,

I'm teacher in primary school in Italy.
I'm very keen on using ICT in teaching. I started 3 years ago trying blog to promote English as foreign language. Now I'm involved in a project based on the IWB and open source software. I'm here to learn by sharing experiences. let me know !!!


Josh Damon aboard the classroom 2.0 train. Living and working in South Korea. looking to collaborate and gain new techniques on teaching English as a second language. Please feel free to contact me and let me and share thoughts, ideas, suggestions etc....
Hi, I'm Eileen Schroeder and I teach in the College of Education at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.
Hello. My name is Bente and I live in Norway. I work 50% as a natural science teacher in upper secondary school and 50% in teacher education.
I am interesting in how web 2.0. can be uesed in knowledge building where students can share and discuss natural science problems in a open network.
I am glad to be here to find out what kind of experiences you have wit web 2.0 in other coutries.
Hi, I'm Margaret Howard, a fourth grade teacher from Tennessee. My goal this summer has been to upgrade my internet skills--I think this may be the place. :)
I just wrapped up another year teaching 9th grade English, special education and co-taught sections for the Spring-Fod Area School District in a suburb of Philadephia, PA. My special education sections were learning support sections in which the students primarily had difficulties with reading comprehension or written expression. I also co-taught regular education sections, which are considered academic sections. (Our district just did away with "tracking" so our levels of academics are learning support, academic, honors, and gifted.) This year has been a huge year of changes in our district!

Prior to being in 9th grade, I worked at our local vocational school teaching special education English to 11th and 12th graders. Despite some issues with adminsitration, I'm glad to have had the experience in a vocational setting. I also co-taught in a first grade classroom where literacy was emphasized and also taught third grade. (I'm PA Certified in Elementary Education, Special Education, and English 7-12).

I received my first Master's Degree from Wilkes University in 21st Century Teaching and Learning. I am in the process of working towards a second master's from Wilkes in Instructional Media.

Outside of school I love to run, go to the beach, be outdoors, read, and relax with my friends. I have a 2-year old pitbull/bulldog puppy named Roxy who keeps me busy too!
My name is Denise Whiteman and this is my 25th year as the elementary librarian for Otto-Eldred, a small rural school district in NW PA. As part of my role, I instruct the students in introductory keyboarding skills and basic technology skills. I am presently my district OPC for Blended Schools. I use as many types of technology in my classes as I can, however budget and time are occasionally hindrances. I do not presently use Ning in my classes, partially because I am new to it. I am working on my master's in Instructional Media, which is how I find myself exposed to this interesting new format. On a side note, I also use my experiences volunteering at the Erie Zoo in as much of my educational endeavors as I can.
Hello people

I'm Steve Grigalunas, I teach 8th grade US History and serve as my school's Technology Integration Coordinator. I am at a charter school in Chicago and am a fanatic devotee of googledocs and all of google's other free online applications.
My name is Paul Noah. Before I begin, let me say that this posting is NOT intended to be a marketing ploy on my part. I work for a non-profit Foundation in Ottawa, Canada. Our school district created the Foundation to market our the educational software (math, language arts and science for K-12) that has been developed by our teachers. I was hired to assist with the sales and marketing of our products. The Foundation over the last 18 years has focused on selling our products to schools, an obvious choice for sure. However, I believe that there is a need for parents to have a viable and affordable means to help their child who may need extra help or who may be struggling in school. This would provide a parent with another option. Not only would it help the child, but as our products are curriculum based, interactive and self guiding, the parent could also learn how their child is being taught and guide their child using the same strategies they use in class.

The feedback that I would like to receive is if you think that parents/home use is a sector that we should target? One thing I should also mention is that most products cover 2-3 years of curriculum and are priced at twenty-five dollars, providing great value at an affordable price. If you believe so, and have ideas on how to "get the word out", I'd be interested in hearing about that as well.

In order not to be self-serving (other than asking your opinion as I have), I will not mention the name of our product or our website. if you are interested you can reply to this and I will provide it to you. I hope I'm not violating the rules of this site, but I need an audience like this to pose my queries to. Thank you. Sincerely, Paul Noah.
I am a Drama teacher from Chino Valley Arizona. I have only been a teacher for two years (as a result of a mid-life crisis) and now I have been riffed. I will be reapplying for my job but I am worried about getting it back.
Hello everyone. Tabitha Long, Instructional Technology Coordinator in Lebanon, VA. That's in the very southwest most corner of the state near the TN line. If you know where Bristol Motor Speedway is located, Russell County is about 40 miles north. Great to be here!



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