Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi Everyone. I'm Tony Baldwin and I'm pleased to be here in Classroom 2.0. I work in a rural Saskatchewan school division as a Superintendent of Education with a variety of responsibilities including technology. I am particularly interested in models of integration of technology and distance learning solutions. I'm looking forward to learning with and from you.
Hi everyone,
I teach 8th grade physical science and high school physics. I want to offer more opportunities for interactive learning and collaboration to my students. I created my first class blog this morning! I'm a bit overwhelmed by all of the choices in edtech in the 21st century. I hope that my fellow teachers here will help me sort some of it out.
HI I'm Heather McCarthy, Toowoomba Queensland Australia. I am currently finishing my B Ed at USQ after 6 long years of part time study. I have worked for the past 8 years as a teacher aide and became interested in ICT and technology in the classroom and have been fortunate to have been allowed the freedom to teach all classes in primary computer skills. There seems to be more and more tools available that can be utilized in the classroom to make our students worthwile and creative members of the 21st century. I'm excited about learning about them and using them as we endeavour to make our classrooms interesting learning spaces.
Looking forward to learning a lot from this forum.
I'm Leslie and work for the New York City Dept of Educ, as the Director of Technology for the special education division. I'm an Apple Distinguished Educator, who loves everything Mac. I believe in exposing educators and students to all types of technologies that enhance teaching and learning.
Hello. My name is Allison Rousseau. I am a fourth and fifth grade teacher at a montessori school in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. I am currently working on my graduate certificate for Microcomputer Applications. The first course in the program has been a review of material I have already covered: Microsoft Applications, Webquests, and Educational Portfolios. Therefore my professor has allowed me to create my own projects to count towards this course. I am currently working on setting up a student blog. My research brought me to this site. I am very excited to be part of this blog and look forward to learning and sharing.
Hi everyone, I'm Arthur Hall working as an EFL teacher in a comprehensive school in Gummersbach, Germany. I also teach English for Informatics at two universities of applied science and teach in a local company. I'm studying online for an MSc in E-learning from Edinburgh. My special interests are EFL / ESL programme design for the 15 - 18 age group, the education of the gifted and blended course management.
Hi - We at Talcott Mountain Academy have been fortunate to have as our intern a young lady from Germany whose aunt lives locally. Our G/T kids are younger than yours, ages 5-14, but perhaps we can set up an written exchange or even a video conference. Our students are involved in astronomy, meteorology, and geocaching, topics which ought to "translate" well and might overcome the 7(?) hour time zone difference. Our classes start 8 Sept., with teachers meetings the preceding week. A number are on campus now for our summer programs, so I can pass on any ideas you have. - BJ Hampton
Welcome Arthur. I'm a German teacher in Indiana. I had to look up where Gummersbach is located. I haven't spent much time in Nordrhein-Westfalen. I'm sure my students are way behind in what your students can do. Europeans see a need to learn English. My students rarely see the need to learn German and their study habits show it, but I still enjoy teaching them and try to make classes as interactive and engaging as I can. If you have any websites that your students fine very useful and are also available for German learners, let me know.
Greetings! I'm an academic reference librarian (Sacred Heart University) -- my "day job" -- and am working extensively on the library at Talcott Mountain Academy, a private K-8 school for highly able students with excellent STEM faculty and resources. This supports my interest in gifted education as well as my maternal instincts, since two of my children have been students there.
After participating in dozens of graduate-level online courses as well as continuing professional education webinars, I'm moving to the other side of the internet podium to develop and present courses for teachers, graduate & undergraduate university students, and pre-college students. I've used various CMS software and am now working with Moodle.
I develop content for several information/research pages and use Twitter to enhance the presence of my groups in the community. We're beginning to use blogs and tools like Ning to facilitate interaction on the web. Many students (most under 14) use Facebook, although I'm cool to their format.
Other areas of interest: EMS, religion (Christianity), current events & politics, horses, and hiking/camping.
Hi everyone. I'm Wei Leong, a Chinese language teacher based in sunny Singapore and is very interested in making full use of new media ICT tools in teaching and learning. Hope to exchange ideas and learn lots from everyone else!
Areas of interest: Teaching of CL, Use of ICT in teaching and learning.
My name is David Andrade. I am a high school Physics teacher and Educational Technology Specialist in Southwestern CT. I have been teaching for 8 years and was an Aerospace Engineer for 10 years before that. I am also a Paramedic and EMS-Instructor and teach EMT and Paramedic classes as well as working on the road part time as a medic.

My wife is in school to become a Biology teacher and is also an EMS-Instructor and EMT-Intermediate.

I have a class website,, a blog,, and write a blog for Tech&Learning magazine.
Sounds like we have a lot in common. Ever been to Talcott Mountain Science Center?



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