Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi, my name is Tony VonBank. I teach high school English in Belle Plaine. I am very interested in teaching with tech, but I am not a native tech guy, so I learn by feeling my way around blindly in the dark. I decided a few years ago to pitch a Global Communication class, and got a lot of support, but there is no playbook for it, so I just have the class try things here and there and if it works, we keep it! I chose The World Is Flat as our reading, along with a lot of articles and such. I teach traditional technical writing, but I am always looking for ways to do it with 21st Cen Skills. I started using Blogger, Google Docs, and Wikis last year, but really hit or miss. This year, I am ready before we start, and will be, for lack of a better word, "forcing" these applications on my class. I love how all of the Google stuff works so seamlessly with almost anything (and it's free). Looking for connections to other classes that do some of the things we do, and looking for participants for my blog on teaching with Google. THis site is amazing, and I am already getting a lot from it!

I'm a technology coordinator and 8th grade LA teacher from New London, Wi. I joined this ning last spring and see a lot of great things to view and discuss. i jsut haven't been able to give this site the priority I intended, but I am not giving up. Have conquered a few other challenges in the past few months so soon I hope to be able to view more presentations and become a contributor. Looking forward to that............ Gail
I am an intervention coach for teachers of grades k-6 in Ohio. We are trying to create a program that is based on 21st century skills (collaboration, communication, creativity) using technology as our vehicle. We would like to increase both rigor and relevance (Daggett's work) through both service and project-based learning. Anyone up for collborating on a project, or does anyone have any helpful ideas to move us in the right direction?
You sound like a great teacher and true inspiration to your students. Best of luck with all your adventures.

Chris UNCC
Hi all. I work in Richmond, Virginia. I teach third grade in an inner-city school, in a high-crime, high poverty area. I am looking to meet folks and share ideas. I am especially interested in Power Teaching/ Whole Brain Teaching.
Hello! I'm Eileen Doherty and I'm currently a 5th grade teacher in Fort Wayne, IN. I'm hoping to get some good ideas for using technology this year in my classroom. I already found some cool ideas that I'm going to try out.
I'm the Technology Integration Specialist at a Pre-K to 5 school in Copperas Cove, TX. Essentially, in my position, I teach teachers about technology, and how to integrate it into the curriculum. It's a fun, interesting job and never boring. This is the second year for this position in our district, and we are finding out that we are either not as advanced or more advanced than a lot of districts in Texas, so I feel fortunate to be in the middle, and not on either end.
I am currently doing presentations to our teachers on Virtual Field Trips, and on Thinkfinity (I'm the district field trainer), and feel very blessed to be doing all I can to teach others how to implement technology into the classroom.
My goals this year are to do many more podcasts with my students, and to use Word Thread in some of my podcasting, to show my students how big (and small) the world really is.
Hello everyone. I'm an Instructional Technology Consultant for Berrien RESA in southwest Michigan. I coordinate H323 videoconferencing for our schools. We use VC to connect to content providers and other classrooms to enhance learning. We use Web 2.0 tools to support our collaborative projects.

Janine Lim
Twitter: outonalim
Skype: outonalim
Hello, I am Colleen Young, a UK Mathematics teacher (of ages 11 -18) interested in all things Web2.0.
Blog: Colleen Young

I have been using Diigo recently which I like very much - you have probably seen most if not all of these Web2.0 directories before but I thought I would put the directories I like on a Diigo list.

If you look at the blog you will note that I am adding all my favourite math sites to Diigo. This should be complete over the next few days.
Hello all! Stephen Gilfus here a founder of DC based Blackboard Inc. I retired from teh compnay about 18 months ago and have since been helping educational institutions with eLearning technologies through the Gilfus Education Group. Glad to be a part of this community. At the Social technology in Education conference today and just posted an interetsing white paper on my blog here for all to read. Looking forward to participating.
- Stephen
I am a Barber Instructor and a Cosmetology Instructor in Columbus, GA. I have been trying to use social networking to communicate with my students and their families. I have been using multiply, myspace, facebook and twitter for about 3 years now with some success. I am afraid that I am "trail blazing in the dark" with my limited computer knowledge. I have been posting my powerpoint presentations to the blog and I post pictures of my students work. I have been using youtube with some success, although my students now want to create educational/demonstration videos. I have purchased a nice cam and now I am a bit overwhelmed, as I do not know how to edit these videos.

I have two blogs that I would love some feedback on from this group. I want to learn how to create a web class that is interactive. Please help me.

beauty_school_blog :


twitter: barber_teacher
I am Tracy from New Jersey - I am an English Supervisor and I also teach one class, but I have been in my district for 13 years. I am looking for ways to add 2.0 technology to our department and within the classroom, but I am also looking for ways to get our Superintendent on board, along with our Tech team. It has been difficult. I created a Ning for our English department and I am excited to see how that works - I am open to ideas and suggestions and I look forward to learning how to integrate technology into what we do daily.



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