Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi, I'm Jonathan Wylie. I teach in 4th Grade at Walker, Iowa. I taught for 5 years in Scotland and England before moving to the states. This year will be my 4th year teaching in Iowa. I am looking forward to joining the discussions.
Hi! I'm Deb from Hudson, Kentucky. I'm currently making preparations (getting my virtual classroom, finding ways to advertise, learning more, etc.) to start my own tutoring business on and offline, mostly on. I've been an online tutor for a company, but look forward to doing it for myself!

I look forward to meeting others here!

Hi, my name is Jenn Maichin and I have been a special education teacher at a middle school on Long Island for 13 years. I am obsessed with helping my LD students understand and accept their disabilities, then find their strengths and use them to become independent learners. Technology has been a wonderful tool, not only to help them to comprehend produce quality work through different tools, but as a teaching tool for me. Through the many web 2.0 applications, I can now reach every student through his or her primary learning style. So far, I have been teaching myself many of these methods. I am looking forward to learning within a community of like minded peers.

I'm Beth Willette, from Lapeer, MI, where I will be teaching history at one of our high schools. I was the Teacher Consultant for our building previously, but posted into General Education so that I can implement and model ways of incorporating technology into the classroom to help all students learn and remain engaged. Before this I spent over a decade in software development in Project Management & Quality Assurance. I have also taught history at the university level, worked for a corporate training center that taught TQM and Deming to salon owners, and taught science at a school for disabled adults. I run a family ning site that keeps my family in touch (we are spread all over the world) along with Skyping, and have just started sites for the two school groups I sponsor. My 15 year-old daughter and I are in the process of creating a bilingual ning site where French and English speaking students can meet and share their cultures. I hope to have it up next week, then we'll do the same for Spanish. I look forward to collaborating and learning with and from my colleagues here!
I"m a civics and geography teacher at Roaring Fork HS in Carbondale, CO, USA.
Currently experimenting with the Google suite of apps for students in both classes, using Google groups, Gmail, maps, sites, blogs, Earth....lots of stuff to do there.
Also researching how young people can use web 2.0 resources to advocate for real policy change and organize politically. Examples and ideas are welcome!
I am from the States and am presently the English Coordinater in a Catholic school for girls pre-k to grade 4 in Peru. I am fascinated by what I see going on and would love to integrate it into our English program. I am going back over the webcasts to learn as much as I can.
My name is Kay Lehmann. I teach online courses as well as authoring books about online learning. I want to learn more about how to use Web2.0 tools in my online courses, as well as model the use of such tools for the teachers who take my courses. My latest book is Making the Move to eLearning: Putting your Course Online.
Welcome, Kay. I am new to 2.0 also. My school district has dipped its toe into offering online classes. I really don't involve myself with that stuff too much, but I need to learn more.
I'm Teresa Mª Santos. I'm Portuguese. I am a teacher. I teach English to Portuguese students aged 11 to 15.
I very interested in Web 2.0 tools and other tools/ software that can be related to teaching English as a Foreign Language.
In my school I've been responsible for Moodle platform. At the beginning of this school year I am learning and practising a lot about IWBs. I'm also developing a project about eportfolios in one of my classes.
Thanks for having me among you! I'm very happy about it.
Hi Everyone. My name is Leesa Watego. I found out about Classroom 2.0 by participating in a number of Elluminate sessions through Edublogger (@suewaters), which I found via Twitter. Its funny I think where a few curious clicks gets you. I'm really a freelance educator, as I work in Higher Education, teacher PD, some consultancy in the area of Indigenous Studies. I should declare here too, that I have a business, Blacklines Publications. But I promise, I'm not a spammer. I'm here to learn about how to use technology better in education. I'm also a mum of four school-aged children, who is trying slowly to get things moving towards a 2.0 world in my children & their schools. I look forward to connecting! Cheers, Leesa
I have taught middle and high school mathematics in a large school district in Maryland. I've worked in there Office of Accountability and Research. I am now the Curriculum Specialist for Secondary Mathematics. I over see 25 middle and high schools and about 26,000 students.
I am interested in Mathematics Education, Data Analysis, Large-scale Assessments, and understanding more about how students learn.
I am married with two children. I enjoy playing chess.
Honestly, mathematics education is my job and my hobby. I am fortunate to be doing something I really enjoy.
I am new to Twitter. I don't text (yet). I'm learning about blogs and wikis. Classroom 2.0 is another part of my education of digital media. I oversee about 200 mathematics teachers--ages 22 to 65. The young ones already know this stuff and the middle aged ones probably should. I certainly should! That's why I'm here.
I hope to meet fellow educators from around the world and to learn from their experiences.
Hi all,

I am a Grade 5 homeroom teacher at Hong Kong Academy. I have previously taught in Beijing as a homeroom teacher and was a K - 12 ICT coordinator. I am taking a break from the ICT coordination to concentrate more on my classroom practice using technology. I feel that we are on the cusp of something very special in educational technology, lots of pieces/tools are out there and it's a matter of finding the ones that will work in the context we need them.

This year my main project is my class website. My aim is to be able to integrate as many work flows and information sources as possible into it, whilst keeping the maintenance of it very low. I'm also very interested in finding web2.0 tools that allow students to collaborate on work at school and at home, no matter what type of computer they own.

Looking foward to sharing ideas,



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