Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I teach psychology and intro to undergraduate studies at a branch campus of UNM, and I began teaching online using WebCT last year. What's been amazing about the foray into teaching online is how much it has made me think about ways of learning and teaching in general. I worked in industry in human factors, software development, test, and project management for 22 years before returning to teaching. I'm involved with developing the nascent eLearning program on our campus and have been exploring Web 2.0 tools and their applications for teaching for the past several months. Many of our students may be "Digital Natives," but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are computer literate. Thus, one challenge is how to incorporate technologies meaningfully without taking too much time away from course content to teach students how to use them.
My name is Janet Toto and I'm a third grade special educator in Westchester County, NY. This is a grade level change (I taught four grade for several years, and fifth grade before that) and I'm nervous about the change. However, I joined Classroom 2.0 for a PBS course I took last year, but never really participated in the process within these pages and links. Now I'm enrolled in their Capstone Program and I have returned! I'm hoping to discover new information about how I can effectively use technology in my practice. I jumped at the chance to join the beginner's group!
Hi Keren. It's good to find someone else on Classroom who is involved with mentoring and non-school learning programs. I maintain a web library with tutor/mentor information that anyone can draw from. I encourage you to browse it, and add your site. In one section we've been adding links to LA programs, so I hope you'll post your link there.

You'll see that the library is just the first step in a strategy aimed at helping more volunteer-based programs reach more kids in high poverty areas, and stay connected with those kids for longer periods of time.

I hope we can connect on Classroom, and elsewhere, and that this builds greater involvement in what we're each doing to help kids.
Hello everyone,

I am Maricarmen Gamero and I'm from Venezuela. I am an English Teacher at "Francisco de Miranda" University and I am just starting in this wonderful world of Web 2.0. I am currently teaching to future EFL teachers and I consider ICT necessary tools in every subject.

A pleasure to be here...
Hello everyone!

My name is LeeAnn Patrick. I live in King NC with my husband, 5 children and 4 dogs! I received my license to teach in December 08, got a job in March 09 and was laid off in June! I am currently working on my MAT with ed tech specialization and I am here to learn all I can about web2.0 and all of the possibilities for its use in the field of education!
Hello. My name is Dana Sirotiak and I am a 7th grade AEP SS teacher in New Jersey. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Educational Technology. I am learning how to make and use podcasts, wikis and more. Any suggestions how how to use them or any other forms of technology in my ss class? Thanks.

Hi! Diana. It was lovely to hear from you. Am a college teacher and sometimes I use a Power-Point presentation for my college teaching. However, the first-year students find that difficult but the teacher-trainees seem to enjoy it very much. . I am hearing of a podcast for the first time . Can you explain what is it and if it would help me in my teaching? Thanks.Can you also explain the full form of AEP SS? Here, the designations are different.Hoping to hear from you soon. Bye. Neeta
I am Britt Czupryna, a biology teacher in a public school in a Chicago suburb. I am getting my online teaching certificate and very interesting in learning about new ways to incorporate web 2.0 into my classroom.
Hi Britt,

We're in Edtech 521 together. Glad to see you here.
Hello, My name is Rich Bartolowits. I am an online learning coordinator for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District in Alaska. I'm very interested in online learning and integrating technology in the regular classroom. I am also a student in Boise State University's Edtech Masters program. I'm looking forward to learning from the people on this site.
My name is Ammar Merhbi and I am an English teacher interested in innovative teaching and learning. My main interest is in researching CALL ( computer-assisted language learning) and learner autonomy. I have and maintain two blogs. One for aiding language teacher in using technology to enhance language learning and teaching call4teachers and the other one is for language learners languageartsancillary. My name on facebook is Ammar ElMerhbi, my id on twitter is AmmarMerhbi and on delicious ( a social bookmarking) is ammarmerhbi ( you can add me to your network). My id on diigo ( also a social bookmarking service) is ammarmerhbi, and lastly my id on linkedin ( a meeting place for professionals) is Ammar Elhassan Elmerhbi :)
I am intrigued on web2.0 technology and how to harness its potential in enhancing teaching and learning.
Finally, I am initiating a website using google sites.
I am a High school Math teacher/ Lacrosse Coach at Duxbury High School in MA. I teach Algebra and Gemetry college prep I am hoping to share information with other teacher. I Use a Smart Board in my room, I am always looking to make each lesson I do more interactive for my students. Any help would be great.



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