Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello everybody. Mi name´s Natalia. I´m from Argentina. I live in Campana which is a small city but is very nice.
I´m 28 years old and I´m married.
I want to improve my English and because of that reason I decided to join to Classroom 2.O

Best regards,
Hello All,

I am a resource room teacher working for a county in northern NJ. My program is a little different, as we service private schools; parochial schools, yeshivas, etc. Right now, I service two schools. My larger school is a K through 8 environment, and I teach almost everything as well as collaborate with the classroom teachers on how to effectively help my students be successful in their classroom. My second school is a high school where I provide more of a tutoring environment at the end of the school day. My work is never boring as in the morning I could be teaching basic phonics, and then the afternoon explaining algebra concepts.

My classroom contains a Smart Board, and I have access to the internet. I find them both to be an extremely helpful resource. Many of my students don't get the concepts in the regular class, so they come to me for 40 minutes once a week for that subject. I need to get as much impact as possible in the time allotted. It is usually helpful to find the weakest link in their understanding, and target where I can strengthen that. If I can find a game or something on the internet, it becomes a fun take home idea for them to practice at home. It then becomes less like homework, and more fun.

I'm looking for new ways to get "the most bang for the buck" as it were for my class. I would like to see how I can incorporate web2.0 concepts with my students.
Hello everyone1 My name is Alex Montoya. I am more interested in learning language. I also love to participate and take part in any education networks just want to immerse myself and learn.
Hello, David Withrow @ Harford Day School in Bel Air MD. Director of Technology with 30 years of classroom experience.
Hello, I am Katy, a teacher from DC. Happy to explore here.
I am a chemistry teacher at a girls' school outside of Baltimore, MD. I love using computers and am interested in using more online activities or creative things that will engage students on the subject of Chemistry. I am new to Classroom 2.0 and I hope to form relationships worldwide. Is anyone interested in doing a project (or lab) where our students can share and collaborate?
What do you really like about Classroom 2.0?
Hi Everyone... I'm new to this but an educator in Maryland exploring options for online networks to join professionally...
With a BS in Industrial Technology, an MS in Information Media and 20 + years of k 12 education experience I have made the leap from Media Specialist to Technology Integration. I am now able to incorporate technology in daily lesson plans, arrange virtual field trips to the moon and bottom of the sea and leap tall buildings, well really I don't care much for tall buildings. Really I am just a simple geek in a complex world.
Hello everyone, I am Vietnamese, coming to Taiwan to study two years ago. At this moment I am a practitioner teacher at National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan. I love this country and my students here. very nice to join your network. Hope that I can receive help from you all. And, if anyone is curious about my country or Taiwan, feel free to ask
I am Michael Kessinger (as you can read above) and currently the Chief Information Officer/District Technology Directory for the Martin County School District in Inez, KY USA. I also teach online courses for Morehead State University. I have been dealing with technology for well over 20 years and oversee a small school district of about 2100 students. I'm hoping to learn about what others are doing in the integration of instructional technologies into the curriculum. Our district is a dual platform--both PCs and Macs. Looking forward to hearing from others and what they are doing to meet the 21st century needs of our students.
Hello Everyone,

I'm Joseph Alvarado and I'm over at Houston, TX. I'm an elementary instructional facilitator for special education and I'm also in the process of obtaining my Masters in Special Education. I love web2.0 and finding new ways to reach students. Looking to network with any tech and education lover as well as sped teachers.

Drop me a line when you get a chance.



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