Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I am Michael Kessinger (as you can read above) and currently the Chief Information Officer/District Technology Directory for the Martin County School District in Inez, KY USA. I also teach online courses for Morehead State University. I have been dealing with technology for well over 20 years and oversee a small school district of about 2100 students. I'm hoping to learn about what others are doing in the integration of instructional technologies into the curriculum. Our district is a dual platform--both PCs and Macs. Looking forward to hearing from others and what they are doing to meet the 21st century needs of our students.
Hello Everyone,

I'm Joseph Alvarado and I'm over at Houston, TX. I'm an elementary instructional facilitator for special education and I'm also in the process of obtaining my Masters in Special Education. I love web2.0 and finding new ways to reach students. Looking to network with any tech and education lover as well as sped teachers.

Drop me a line when you get a chance.
Hello, I'm Jeannine Metzger from Gordon, NE. I teacher on the Pine Ridge Reservation by Pine Ridge, SD. I'm a board certified Physical Education teacher. I love technology and how it enhances the learning. I'm always looking for ideas for integration. I have to work so hard to sell my principal and tech person on using technology in the gym - I see how it goes so perfectly, and they just can't see why I just don't throw the ball out. I get so frustrated sometimes but then my students come and they make it all worth the fight!
Hello Jeannine, I understand how you feel about trying to sell technology to the powers-that-be. I teach Fashion Design at a high school in new york and I encounter every kind of tacit aimed at dissuading me from using technology as a part of my teaching strategy. All I can say to you is to be there for your students and grow a thick skin.
Hi My name is Ian Pratt also known as Sciencelabman, teach mainly science in a middle school in Bedford , England. discovered an effective way to use twitter as a collaboration tool with teachers around the world but particularly in the US.
looking to develop my skills using teachnology in the class room. at the moment i am inspired by others who know much more than myself, but i am learning very fast. this is another way of making connections with like minded educationalists.
interested to learn more from those who know.
Hi, I'm Kate and I teach PE in San Ramon, CA. We use a variety of technologies in our PE program to enhance student learning and performance. Please contact me if you have an interest in knowing what we do.
Hi, I am a technology content developer of educational materials delivered over the Internet. I try to stay up-to-date with new technologies and their applications in the classroom so I can provide quality content at an affordable price to support differentiated instruction that can be delivered through many different devices.
G'day. Mic here from Adelaide, South Australia. Currently a Year 6/7 teacher, also providing ICT support for other classes for roughly one day a week.
My name is Rachele Gentile, and I am a member of Gannon University's Grad School Program to eventually receive my Masters in Education. I am currently long-term substitute teaching French at my high school even though Biology/General Science is my major!! I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Hello Steve,
I am a teacher trying to learn. I am interested in technology in the classroom and inspiring my students to "own" the information. Thanks for starting this network, I am looking forward to learning.
I am a teacher for the Grand Erie District School Board in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. I am currently in my 21st year of teaching. During my career, I have taught English (mostly), learning strategies (a special education course) and history; at my current school I am a full-time teacher-librarian. I am disturbed by the standardization of education; I believe that creativity in both teachers and students, in assignments and tests -- so long as they are teaching skills as well as content -- should be encouraged, not squelched. I guess I'm curious to discover innovative techniques people are using to teach students who are more used to consuming media than thinking about or creating it.
Hi Pamela: I'm a homeschool mom of a 7th grade son who is considering a move (next year) to Ontario. I was hoping that Canadian schools were run differently than U.S. (public) schools?!! Please don't tell me that Canada is also 'teaching to test'?!! I really want my son to go to a high school instead of homeschooling him until college! I don't test or grade. I don't believe in it. I DO prepare him for the Standardized test every year because it's a mandatory test for homeschoolers. I go over test taking techniques and practice tests for about a month before the Standardized test and he usually does pretty well. Last year he got 'high school level' reading and he was 'at level' in math...but that was because he's a 'natural' at math and had previously had problems with reading, so I concentrated heavily on having him read aloud, to himself, various reading levels, etc. Mostly, I taught him to read for pleasure and it seemed to have long as HE chose the material! LOL! (He read some College level books that he chose.) Please don't tell me that Canada is 'modeling' itself to be more like America? I was hoping for more creativity and critical thinking in Canadian classrooms...after all, you don't have The NCLB Act to push you into 'teaching to test'. As far as innovative techniques go, I think you have to 'know' your students to understand how to motivate them. What are their favorite subjects, movies, music, etc. and incorporate it into the educational process using examples. I remember growing up in Chicago, I had a science teacher use 'gangs' as a model for teaching about protons, neutrons, and electrons! LOL! The info was relative to teenage life and we were able to remember who was positive, negative and neutral! It sounds crazy, but it does work. I've had my son make an art poster using only a list of geometric shapes and he loved it. Once kids enjoy learning, they can fall in love with learning; once they fall in love with learning, they're unstoppable! (I guess it helps to remind them to turn off the tv at home and use the computer for fun AFTER they do their research...) I hope my suggestions helped?!! :)



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