Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi, I am Kirsten Winkler.

I started as a Language Coach but these days, although I am still teaching online, I turned into an "Education 2.0 Blogger, Interviewer and Edupreneur" :). I am the founder of the E-Teachers Academy and I host the E-Teachers Conference.

Besides all that I love to cook, grow my own veggies in the french country side where I live for about four years now.
Hi Kirsten! I am Barbara in San Antonio, TX. My school district is just beginning to explore online teaching for our high schools. I would love to hear your experiences as an online teacher: what do lesson and assignments look like, what kind of teacher-student interaction is there, etc. looking forward to hearing from you.
Hi Barbara,
this is a big topic :) And of course I am more free in my work and decisions as I work independent. If you would like to see some public schools in the US which already successfully implemented online teaching into their curriculum you should visit
Hi Barbara,

I teach online using Moodle and Elluminate. You didn't mention what platform your school was going to use. If either of the ones that I use will be what you are exploring, I can pass along some helpful tips.

Your profile is set to private. You are new; I understand the tendency to be cautious. It is a great group here though. I think you will find that abuses are very rare and when they do occur it is usually spammers that entered the network for that purpose. Steve and the network helpers here do a great job of catching and kicking spammers off as soon as they are detected. Most people seeing your post here in introductions will answer you on your member page so the introduction thread stays on topic of intros. :0)
Hello Everyone,
Nicol Howard, Corona, CA, USA. Recently transitioned from H.S. to Elementary. Currently working on my M.A. in EdTech. Happy to find a positive and informative PLN.
I have been a member of classroom 20 for awhile, but do not remember if I have actually introduced myself. I stay busy and I don't visit this network as much as I would like to. I teach technical education in Kansas. Any other technical educators out there?

There is a lot of great resources on this network. Great Place!

Here is my class blog

Thanks, Donnie
Hi, I am a hapless newbie in this area (indeed to teaching as a whole). I only graduated 2.5 years ago and are currently teaching special ed students in an Australian high school.

I can see the potential for nings as a socialising outlet for my otherwise isolated students. I am planning to start our own ning for students with disabilities. I don't know if I will have much to contribute to the site, but I hope to lap up all your expertise.

I am also looking for basic 2.0 numeracy sites and other sites where we may exchange work and information with other students and basically expand the students' digital literacy. (Have been shown Museum Box).
Anne Reed...Resource Teacher for the Gifted at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, VA. I am very interested in differentiated instructional strategies for all students but most interested in supporting students with special talents in math, science, social studies, English, music, and visual arts. I have been teaching for a long time :-)
Hello: Having just watched an interesting video about social media webinars at: - I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a rather newbie at a Masters in Adult Education; focusing on Adult Second Language Acquisition. I hope to learn to speak/read/write Italian and in the process document the on-line effort. I'm very much Canadian and live in the East; so far - we haven't had snow!
Hi, my name is Lindsey Celeste and I am currently attending St. John Fisher College and studying to be a childhood and special education teacher. I joined this network for a class and to get some ideas of what new technologies there are out there that can be used in the classroom and some of the activities that can be done with these technologies. So, if anyone has any input I would really appreciate it!!
Mike Zimmer. I used to teach Social Studies, but now I am a Technology Integration Specialist working at my high school and two middle schools that feed to my high school. To increase communication with teachers I created a Blog for them. You all are welcome to visit and share your insights and ideas.
Hi all,

My name is Rachel Galdamez and I teach Spanish and Spanish for Native Speakers at Casa Grande High School in Petaluma, California. It is definitely a challenge at times but rewarding as I'm sure you all know. I just went to the ACTFL Conference and am trying to connect with other professionals.

I would love to hear what textbooks people like for Spanish FL at the high school level and any methodology suggestions for Spanish for Native Speakers.

Hope to hear from you soon!




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