Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello, my name is Michelle Ruffle. I am originally from Philadelphia, PA and I am now living and working in Surabaya, Indonesia. I teach economics and history at Surabaya International School, a 1:1 laptop school. I am a mom of two and I learning each day how to integrate more technology into the classroom. Hello, everyone.
Hi Everyone
I am Angela Mitchell, from the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica. I teach computer to Grades 4,5,6 ..Technology is integrated into the curriculum. A teacher for 32 years and I enjoy my job.
This looks like a great site. I have just changed professions from working as a programming consultant writing software for exciting things like dental insurance polices, Travel Health Insurance policies, and for diversity, call center software. These were all well paying jobs, but I want and need interaction with people and I love working with kids, so here I am in midlife crisis mode changing profession. Now I are a teacher.
I am originally from Detroit, MI, and moved to Atlanta, GA 25 years ago. I taught math for 18 years, quit and started my own flooring business which did well until dealing with some unscrupulous characters made me reconsider. I got a job as a school technology specialist and I love what I do!! I am trying to assist teachers in incorporating technology without feeling burdened by it.
I am married and have 5 children from age 33 to age 1...enough said!
Hi, I'm Julie and I'm a technology integration specialist. I'm interested in learning more about how to use web 2.0 tools to leverage enduring understanding. Any ideas?
Trevor Angood, 7th Grade World History at a small charter school in San Diego, CA! Hello all!
I'm Doug Moore, currently a Middle School Spanish teacher on Long Island. I am a SmartBoard veteran and am currently exploring EdModo and other interactive resources in the classroom. Always looking for new ideas.
Hi Everyone - My name is Valerie Hathaway-Warner, and I am located north of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) in Ontario, Canada. I am qualifed to teach Junior/ Intermediate and both Music and Phys Ed grades 9 -12. I am a student in the Masters of Education program at York University, and I am focusing on researching the effective use of technology in K-12 education. Right now I have started a small wordpress site to test some ideas I have for a major research project in resource sharing for educators. If you have a wordpress account and you want to go in and poke around and comment, please send me your username and I'll add you to my list of allowed users. I can only have 35 active at a time. is the site name, but it will not let you in until I add your username, so please send it along.... The final site will be open, however I dont want to go 'live' until I am certain of the program I want to use etc... Suggestions welcome!
Hi - I'm sherif shaaban I'm ateacher in high school in dubai ,I'm ready to help and to be added in your site, my user name is sherif shaaban .
to clarify - if you want to check out my little wordpress site, I need your wordpress user ID, not your classroom 2.0. I can also send non-wordpress users an invitation to join wordpress if they send me their preferred email address. Don't post it to the board though, message me privately at valerie_hathaway-warner AT edu DOT yorku DOT ca (and yes... regrettably, my email address has an underscore and a hyphen in it.... :P)

I'm excited to be looking around in Classroom 2.0 and glad to be meeting all of you online! Val
Hello everyone Mohamed Osman here, Cairo, Egypt, looking forword to be a proactive member
Greetings. My name is Jenny and I am an online college instructor in Houston, Texas. My field is teacher education and child development. I am interested in all forms of instructional technology and teacher-proven ways to integrate it seamlessly into the K-12 environment.



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