Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hey everyone. Karl Pointer, High School Science Teacher and Football Coach from Dallas TX. Looking forward to learning and growing.
Hi, Everyone!

Bruno Leal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Journalist and historian. Creator of Cafe Historia (

I'm looking to collaborate with the discussions about history and education.

Glad to be here!
My name is Skeet McCracken, and I live in Loveland Colorado with my wonderfull family. I work for the Poudre School District as a Buyer for the Warehouse. I am in the class 23 Things to Learn with PSD. I am having a great time with it so far learning about the latest in technology. I work on a computer all day, but never really check out the latest that is out there. I hope to keep learning so I can show my six year old daughter how everything works.
My name is Nick Amb. I live in rural, northern Minnesota and am currently teaching social studies and computer in a small school district up here.
I am working toward my master's degree in Educational Leadership. I have just a couple classes left. I am currently taking Technology and Information systems, and we have learned a lot of neat things already--some of which got me to this place! The goal eventually is to find gainful employment as a school administrator. In the meantime, I really enjoy being in the classroom and learning new things.
My wonderful family includes my wife of 21 years, Lisa--and our three kids. Our oldest son is off to college this year! We have a big yellow lab, too.
In my free time, I enjoy running and watching tv...
Hi Nick, Just out of curiosity are you in the program from Lamar University in Texas? From your post it sounds like maybe we are in the same class, EDLD 5362.

No-- I am a student at Tri-College (a consortium of NDSU, Minnesota State-Moorhead, and Concordia College). I image we are likely covering the same things!
We have fairly short classes in terms of calendar length--each class in our program typically runs about 8 weeks. With some planning, a person can get 2 at a time online, and pick up 8 semester hours a semester...and not too much stress! My tech class is really busy though. Lots of reading and listening to podcasts, etc. Fun though. Lots to learn!
I have had to drive to the Fargo Moorhead area for a few classes on a weekly basis. It's 140 miles, so it's a long trip once a week. Glad to have online classes. We do some over interactive television as well.
Hi Roger, we must be in the same class. This site will definitely be in my PowerPoint. Lots of great stuff. I'm currently teaching 5th grade in Texas and will soon be moving to California. Are you still in CA?

I'm Roger Dreger, an elementary school teacher for 15 years in Los Angeles. I am currently in an out of the classroom position as an Intervention Support Coordinator at an urban school. I am also working on an online masters program in Educational Technology and School Leadership. Glad to be here.
My name is Lori. I'm taking an online Masters course, just like Roger, through Lamar University. I'm currently teaching 5th grade in Grand Prairie, TX, but will soon be moving to the Sacramento Area. Steve, if you're sill in Lincoln, I'd love to know which districts/schools you recommend. I'm starting my job hunt for the fall! I am definitely interested in exploring this site and finding out more ways to bring the internet to my students. We're currently trying to incorporate the 2010 Olympics into our class. It has been a lot of fun!
Hello Everyone!

I'm an Instructional Technology Specialist for a K-12 school district of about 10,500 students in Texas, USA. Not in the classroom but I serve as a resource person and occasional trainer for classroom teachers. I have seen several posts about and references to the Classroom 2.0 Ning come across my Twitter feed, and an assignment for my current master's class in ed tech leadership (the same class as Roger and Lori above me) brought me to finally join and investigate this network further. Looking forward to all I will learn from the Web 2.0 pioneers here! :-)
Hi Everyone! So excited my professor introduced me to this application. Looking forward to getting to navigate through it a bit more and start engaging with others!

I am currently getting my Master's in Educational Technology at Pace University.
Hello to everyone.
I've been living and working in Hong Kong for 14 years -- teaching English and searching for ways to use IT in meaningful and relevant ways in the classroom. My research interest is in language learning autonomy.



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