Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I love it. I teach 80% technology and the rest some SStudies. I have received quite a bit information from our local AEA. Wouldn't go back to the original schedule.
There are a lot of Kansans here. Rock Chalk. Welcome. N

My name is Jason Beckerman, I am 25 and from NJ. I now reside in NYC. I have my masters in organizational leadership and an undergrad degree in IT and Entrepreneurship.

I recently started an organization called Teach The People. I need teachers and professionals who are interested in sharing their knowledge. There is ZERO cost for my service, and it will allow you to teach anything online.

Please see our brand kit and sign up for our beta release at

Hi, I'm Mark from Springfield, PA and I'm excited about the possibilities of this site!
Hello! My name is Gregory, and I teach composition at College of the Redwoods in Eureka, CA.
My name is Lisa Stevens and I'm from Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham in England. I teach Spanish to primary aged pupils (3-11) and am interested in using Web2.0 tools with them.
I'm new to all this but am learning fast so I hope to continue my learning curve here.
Lisa xx
Hi Lisa!
Welcome to the Ning! This is the best place to pick up suggestions, tips and tricks about Web2.0 tools and using them in the classroom. I'm a middle school classroom teacher and I teach a Level 1 spanish class (to 11-12year olds) in New Zealand as part of our curriculum. You might want to take a look at
It's a fantastic tool that my spanish class is using at the moment to record their practise of speaking spanish with images to talk about. I will send you the link when it's finished (it's not published yet).
Hi TeachingSagittarian - thanks for the welcome. I'd love to find out about more about this - you're the third or fourth person to mention voicethread recently!! I look forward to the link!!
Lisa xx
Hi all I just realised I still haven't done my introductory even though I have been reading the ning for awhile. I am a high school English Teacher from a Govt school in Australia. We are only just using our first electronic whiteboard and I am the only blogger at my school with 100 staff so this is heaven for me as I can see where I can go with what has become a very big part of my life.My blog is so come and visit and hopefully we can collaborate as just isn't enough any more and there are so many wonderful ideas on the go but so many staff are not wanting to expand their view of the classroom.
Nathan here, I teach IT at a k-12 school in Queensland Australia. I'm interested in Secondlife, when my first life gives me time to explore it. Currently I develop online learning content using Moodle which we host on site at our school. The main software tools I am currently using in my teaching are Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, MicroWorlds EX, Captivate, Microsoft Office and Game Maker.

Thanks Steve for setting up this social network I look forward to watching it grow.


Steve W. here. I live in Sherbrooke Quebec and work for the Eastern Townships School Board. I strive to help teachers provide meaningful uses of technology to improve student learning. We are the only public board in Canada that provides laptops to ALL teachers and students from grade 3 up to Secondary 5. I like the participatory aspect of Web 2.0 and am always looking for learning ideas from people who have used technology to improve student learning and achievement in the 'standard' curriculum.
I'm a school library teacher in Jackson, WY and also a member of the Teacher-Librarian.ning network. As a first year teacher & school librarian, I'm hoping to find support, inspiration & ideas from online discussions, forums and examples of what other classrooms (of all kinds) are up to.



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