Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi! My name is Laurie Reece and I'm from Cincinnati, OH. I am currently a graduate student at Xavier University seeking my Early Childhood license as well as my Masters. While going to school, I am working as an IEP aide for a 6th grade boy. I'm looking forward to learning new and interesting things on here!
Hi, I'm Aline Tabet. I am a sophomore at Xavier University, early childhood special education major. I joined as a part of my instructional technology class.
Hi, my name is Alex Drexelius and I am majoring is Special Education at Xavier University. I hope to graduate in 2012 and start teaching Special Ed in an elementary school close to my home in Cincinnati, Ohio. I love this major and I am so glad I picked it.
Hi Everyone, I am Melissa Worbis from Middletown, Ohio This is near Cincinnati, Ohio and it is very snowy here. I am currently studying for a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education w/ a licensure. I have worked in a day care center during my college studies in different educational studies for the past 11 years off and on and now have come to realized I should have joined the teaching profession from the very beginning of my college experience. Excited to join this networking group to build my knowledge and connection with other teachers to get advice and ideas in teaching. .
Hi everyone. My name is Christina and I am a graduate student working on my ceritfication for middle school mathematics. I am currently enrolled in a class on the integrated curriculum and how we can use technology to enhance our classrooms. I am reasearching different social networking sites that can either be applied to a classroom or help my own professional needs. I am excited to see and learn more about classroom 2.0 as I explore...if anyone has any recommendations please let me know
Have a great day!
Hi Christina!
Have you checked out the Smart Revolution Ning? That's another social network. If you have a blog, you may also want to check out the One Comment A Day Ning.

My name is Laura Malbogat and I am an international educational consultant who is presently working with a new school opening next year, called Think Global. This will be an international mobile non profit school and I am the luckiest person who gets to develop the curriculum. Innovative, forward thinking, collaborative and just plain amazing. I am integrating differentiated instruction as part of the curriculum and experiential learning. So why is this school so special? we have 15 students coming from around the world, our faculty are also international and we will be living in three different countries each year, starting with Grade 9. Next year we begin in Stockholm, then Sydney and end our first year in Bejiing. We are working with educators around the globe. What I am presently doing is going to Stockholm to study the various experiential opportunities so i can integrate them as part of the curriculum. If anyone has some interesting ideas / websites / contacts to share, please let me know. You can also follow me on twitter and I have a blog.
hi I am Maria Fernandda, Englis and french teacher now living in spain. Happy to share this experience with you all
Hi Everyone!

I'm currently in Colorado and am very interested in New Zealand. Are there any Kiwi educators out there I can connect with? Will be in Auckland in March. Maybe I can visit your school and learn more about what NZ education is all about. Hope so!

I am probably coming about this from a different direction than most of you here as I am not a certified techer or school employee.
I am a Media Producer/Entrepreneur on the Southern Oregon Coast. As a "one man show", I produce video, audio, graphics and web for clients. I caught the media bug as an acct exec at a local CBS TV affilites in 2000.

I teach a media class one day a week to an Alternative High School that focuses on credit recovery.

I am self taught in all of this and have found a network of info providers that keep me in the loop!

Some of my project sites include:

So, enough about can I help you?
Hello Jay,

I didn't read your post before hastily adding my own. Please read my introduction below. I'm sure that you could be of help to me in my final research paper.


Be happy to!

Just let me know how...




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