Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello everyone - my name is Karen from Buffalo NY. I am an instructor of Criminal Justice at a community college. I am interested in learning more about Ning to use in my classroom instruction.
Hi, Donna Spaeth, Northwestern Minnesota, USA. My husband and I are ranchers with two children starting school. We are trying to encourage our school there are more bennifits to in-class room web cams than security.
Hi! I'm a second grade teacher in Cedar Park, Texas! I'm excited to learn and share ideas!
Hi Janna! Good to meet you!
Hi everyone. I know most of you. I am from Washington DC, but I taught in Arlington , Va for a long time, three years in DC and then I escaped. I am interested in STEM, transforming education, still... and computational science for everyone, and geography as a reality of our work in project based learning. I am an advocate of broadening engagement.
Hello! This is Cheryl from Louisiana. I am a virtual school Spanish teacher as well as a face-to-face middle school ELA teacher. I'm just looking for ideas to engage my students.
Hello all,

I am a high school history teacher and Virtual High School teacher living in "America's Hometown" of Plymouth, MA. I am constantly exploring how to integrate technology into my classroom and I look forward to sharing and learning with everyone.

Hi Greg, welcome!

Plymouth is such an interesting place! One of the highlights of my childhood was visiting Plymouth Plantation with my grandmother. For people who have not seen the ROCK it is always surprising how small it is!! We went out to her cabin on the pond (?) too. Good luck and have fun! ~ Hilary
I'm Michelle Breum from Billings, Montana. I'm a certified elementary teacher taking time off to spend time with my children. After my twins were born in 2003 my 7 year teaching career took a backseat. My three children are all in school now. I'm staying involved in education by tutoring three children with reading from my home, volunteering four days per week in my children's classrooms, helping with a parent volunteer reading intervention program, and blogging.
I have a blog at
I'm in the first stages of starting a google group for homeschoolers, parents, reading tutors, teachers, and professionals to connect, discuss, and post information about teaching reading. I'm planning to leave it open for members to add their own page but not edit other pages. Please join, add a discussion, create a page, and invite others to make this a useful group for all involved in teaching reading.
Hi everyone! Coleen here. My experience with elearning started in Boston. After doing undergrad work in computer science, I worked as digital media specialist in a university library helping faculty to provide audio and video in their online courses. I currently work as an Instructional Designer in Atlanta, I'm still in higher ed but interested in learning and collaborating with elearning enthusiasts from k-12, higher ed as well as the corporate areas! I am trying to establish a startup with my husband who is a digital artist to provide elearning services for small businesses. Looking forward to networking! The best way to reach me is @idtutorials on twitter. My blog needs a whole lot of work so if you go there, don't expect too much!
1 luv
Hello, My name is Kevin and I am studying to be an art/digital media teacher. I am currently writing my final paper at Konstfack College University in Stockholm, Sweden. I am just getting started with my work and will be researching the use of social media tools in education. I am particularly interested in how wikis, blogs and other social media can be tools for reflection and growth. I am also interested in how posting works done in the classroom to a blog can help the student to gain greater feedback than in the classroom environment, as well as establish future contacts.

If anyone out there could help me with answering a questionnaire or possibly a short interview (via msn (or the like) or telephone (at my cost from Sweden) then I would be grateful. I'm just interested in how educators use the social media tools available to them in the classroom. You don't have to be an art teacher. I thought it would be fun to use social media to gain insight into social media.

Sorry for not keeping this so brief.
Hello everyone.

My name is Heather Ross and I'm an instructional designer with a college system in Saskatchewan, Canada. I've been an education blogger for almost five years and have been a part of the EdTech Posse Podcast for almost four years.

While I don't work with a K-12 system, I do think that you folks who are, are doing innovative and interesting things with educational technology that those of us in post-secondary can learn from.



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