Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi, I'm Maury Blair from Northwest Illinois. I'm an Information Technology professional and a parent of two children. Recently I've been looking at how I can use technology to enrich my kids' lives and I've had the opportunity to use some of what I've learned with kids in Kenya. I didn't get to go and deliver the computers myself, but I had the honor and privilege of preparing the machines. I'd like to become more active in helping to bring technology to disadvantaged kids at home and abroad (outside the U.S.). In particular, I want to use Edubuntu Linux as well as other open source software to create environments that teachers and care givers can use. I'm not a teacher, I'm a technologist. So, I'll need some help and some direction along the way.

Hey there!! Bryan Priddy , Moss Middle School, Bowling Green, Ky, Math teacher of 17 years and teaching technology as well this year. Always looking to share ideas and network with others with similar interests. I am also an "avid" Iphone user and always love to share my new learnings with others.
Hello! I'm Julianne Kotcho, elementary principal in New Jersey. Always looking to connect with others to see how we are all implementing web 2.0 tech in our classrooms.
Hello! I'm a brand new volunteer 3rd grade math teacher. I work at a school for gifted and talented kidlets and am also the receptionist. My name is Heather Black and I'm in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. My school is Todd Academy, Inc. My goal is to guide the children through their education by encouraging and challenging...and building a love for a subject that many either did or still despise of.

I'm here to pick fellow teachers' brains and learn from their adventures in teaching. This is my first year and so far it has been full of fun!
When I was in university I always wanted to be a history teacher. When I graduated in 1973 they were closing teachers' colleges in Ontario and I never got back to teaching the subject that was nearest and dearest to me. But I have remained interested in education throughout my business life and more recently have become an advocate for the use of computer technology to empower young people to achieve academic success. I have immersed myself in understanding the impact of social media on digital natives, immigrants and Luddites. In my work I have had the opportunity to talk to students from K-12 about not only how but why they use technology. I write a number of blogs and am a guest columnist and advisor to online publications. My writing focuses on the impact of technology in the 21st century on business, on broader society and on education. You can find me on CMSWire, KiwiCommons,, and

My passion for history remains unabated and covers a wide range of subjects including: History of Science and Technology, History of Islam and the Islamic World, Jewish History, American Revolution, American Civil War, 20th century world history, History of China, South Asia, India and Africa. I read and study in all of these subject areas. There's never a dull moment.
Hi everyone! My name's Jane Farrell from Camp Hill, PA. I'm the new Library Media Specialist for Dallastown Intermediate School. I'm looking for fun, creative, safe ways to teach social networking and technology to my 4, 5 & 6 graders. Looking forward to getting lots of tips and ideas from the community!
Hi everyone. I am Rita Chuhran from Allentown, Pennsylvania. I am a Social Studies teacher on temporary assignment as a technology integration coach at Saucon Valley High School. I am always looking for great new ideas on how we can use technology to enhance teaching and learning. I have been "lurking" on this network for a couple of months now. Thank you Steve for creating such a great community for teachers!
Hi I'm Bambi I teach in Arizona. I love technology in the classroom and have been looking to find information on setting up a video conference with another teacher from another school. I tend to think up these big ideas and explore areas way over my head! I guess you could say I'm adventurous and outgoing and want to open as many doors as I can to teach kids. During my research I found Classroom 2.0 and I'm excited to join.
Bambi, Are you familiar with Skype? It is a free voice and video network that allows you to use web cams to do video conferencing. Many schools are using it. You need to have access to the Internet through your classroom computer connection and your computer needs to have a web cam. I'm sure that many of the members of Classroom 2.0 have web cam capability in their classrooms. If not web cams can be had for as little as $10.

Google also has free tools available for this type of web video conferencing if you have a Gmail account. Gmail is free.

If you have Microsoft Live account (also free) you can do video conferencing between school classrooms.

Hope this helps.

Len Rosen
Thank you for helping me. I am going to go buy a web cam this weekend.

Thanks again,

Hello everyone! I am so happy to be here! My name is Nanci and I live in the south of Argentina, in an area known as "Patagonia".
I live in a seaside village with my two sons and my husband.I am a teacher of English here. I own a private English Institute with a partner. We teach English to children and teenagers.
I have decided to join this group becuase I am doing a course about web 2.0, so I guess I am new in the field , I am really hooked by it!!! There are many things I can't do yet but little by little I am moving on...
I guess this is all for now!
Warm regards to all of you!
Hello. My name is Mike Tokarczyk. I'm from Cleveland, Ohio, and I teach 9th and 10th grade language arts. Interested in keeping in touch with other educators about best practices for incorporating technology in my classroom.



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