Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi, everybody! I'm Dalmo, Curitiba, Brazil. I work at a company that are developing a 2.0 website for students from many cities of Brazil.
Hello all...I've been a member awhile and like to think I have 1000s of teacher friends. Currently I am trying social networking to get a small microgrant for summer literacy resources...please vote for me! ( microgrant tab--then look for "beat the summer slide" on vote, then in the "search applicants" box, type LAURA KING. I'm on the page...second one down. Just follow the directions...WOW, if I could get this little grant, I will know that social networking between teachers is not only fun, educational, supportive...but it actually gets you some money. As our district struggles more and more with the financial crunches, as well as the increasing expectations, I think it is important to expand our resources and be creative. '

Anyone out there ever received a social networking grant? I have found all the vote recruting a little tiring, but each time I see my totals go up, I get pretty excited!!
Hello everyone. Jeff Meyers signing in from Bettendorf, IA. I teach 9-12 grade US History (1880s-Present) & AP European History. Trying to figure out ways to incorporate web 2.0 without violating my district's somewhat prohibitive tech policy.
I'm Jeff and I teach 6th grade at a small rural elementary school in Baldwin County, Alabama. I am always looking for great resources to use with my students. I hope to learn many new things from my fellow members on this site.
Hey everyone, I am Zartaj from Pakistan working as ICT Coordinator & Trainer at "Haque Academy". I teach ICT to grade levels 1 through 6. I am a software engineer by profession and recently entered in the field of Education. With all the technology tools available on the Internet along with related support and my professional experience, I'm enjoying teaching driven by my passion of Innovation.
Hello all, i am Jaikiran from India working as Asst. Professor in a Post Graduate Geology Department of University College, Trivandrum. Love to be part of this wonderful group of educational professionals actively involved in exchanging views and ideas. Would like to connect with people working in the field of Knowledge Management in Higher Education. Capturing soft knowledge of educational professionals and developing learner assessment tools using the theory of multiple intelligences are my favourite topics of reseach.
Hello Sir!

I'm a freshman in college and I'm from India too. I joined this community to make friends with people who're shaping the next generation, including you.
Hi Shankar!

Nice to meet you. This community seems great. Thanks for reaching out to welcome me.

Welcome Rani. Out of curiosity, are you of Indian origin? :)
Hi everyone! Rani from NYC here. I work at a non-profit, in a group that concentrates on College Readiness. I am interested in any cool new trends and tools in the education space. This seems like the perfect place for that!
Hello Rani, welcome to Classroom 2.0
Hi Don! Thanks for the welcome =)



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