Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi, my name is Shannon and I am in the elementary ed program at William & Mary. One of my ed courses is a tech design class and we had to pick a forum such as Ning, Wiki, etc. to get involved in for the semester. I have chosen Ning to explore for my project. I hope to get involved in the community and get ideas for incorporating technology in the classroom. I look forward to exploring more on Classroom 2.0.
Hi, my name is Lorna Gagneux. I am the Manager, Technology Resource Center at Prince George's Community College in Largo, MD. My team supports faculty in the development of multimedia learning objects, and the use of instructional technologies.

I am a teacher in the Education Department at Central Community College in Columbus, NE. I would like to communicate with you concerning integrating technology at the community college level.

Mel J. Janousek
Hi there

I'm James Cross, a music teacher at High Storrs School, a big secondary in Sheffield, UK with a mixed urban intake. Interests are digital video, social media, and informal learning. I'm in my third year of teaching, and I'm starting to get really excited by trying out new stuff. Been using Tumblr, in conjunction with Vimeo (YouTube is blocked at school, grrr) a lot, for example:

Can't wait to get involved with the community here, it's got me really excited!
Mike Smith, Barrington Nova Scotia
My name is Bill Tracey and I am a Professional Development Consultant for Credenda Virtual High School and College in Saskatchewan, Canada.

I am originally from Newfoundland and am now living in Northern Ontario.

I am interested in chatting with people who deliver professional development, with special emphasis on 21st Century Learning and Web 2.0 tools.

The delivery of our PD sessions are completely online (no F2F) using Elluminate for real-time sessions and other tools for alternate means of collaboration. If anyone is interested in joining in, please contact me.
Aloha, from Hawaii. I'm an 8th grade social studies teacher at a private K-12 school in Honolulu. We are a 1-1 school. I am a great fan of technology and am always interested in learning new ways to integrate tech into my curriculum.
Hi there,

I'm the Outreach Manager for Save The Redwoods League. We're an SF based non-profit focused on saving redwoods through protection, restoration and education. We've just launched a brand new, free kit for educators that includes a Redwood Transect Activity you can do with your students - you can check it out here:

We offer a bunch of free educational resources and are continually building out our tool kit for educators. Feel free to contact me or our Education Program Manager ( should you have any questions!

Thanks - I'm really excited to be a part of this community.

Regan Ranoa
Outreach Manager
Hello guys! I'm Agnes and new from this forum. I'm here to contribute information and gather ideas and information from all of you guys. See around and have a nice day.
I am a middle school teacher. I teach 8th grade reading! Sometimes I feel like saying 8th Grade Reading in the same sentence is an oxymoron! What I mean by that is that many many 8th graders do not enjoy reading, that is not saying all of them...but many! Therefore I am looking for creative, innovative ways to engage my learners!
Hello everyone,
My name is Tierra and I'm from pittsburgh, PA. I have to say I am excited about coming from a city of champions and where the G-20 summit was held! Anyway, I am a grad student working on my Master's in Elementary Education which is going extremely well, Just recently I learned that I will be student teaching next fall and while that may seem far away, it feels like it is quickly approaching. I have two children; Branndon, who is five years old and is now in kindergarten, and Triston, who is two years old and attends daycare. I am looking forward to teaching and know that my first years are not going to be easy. But life isn't easy so I know that I will be ok!
Hello, everyone! Adrian Montero, Santa Ana, CA. I'm just starting to integrate technology in my class. I'd love to hear from some other U.S. History (8th grade) teachers about what they do. If you want to see what I'm doing, here is my blog. Feel free to comment and look around!



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