Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello from Soultravelers3! We are a homeschool, bilingual family, 19 months into an open ended trip around the world and blog about our experiences. We are using a few 2.0 educational opportunities with homeschool families and teachers around the world, thus looking to find more win/win explorations here. I am particularly interested in finding gifted opportunities but open to anything. I am not that tech savvy, but see the endless opportunities in this!
Hey, here you are again. I got a comment from you on my blog A Not So Different Place. How old are your children? You might be interested in
Yes, I really looove your blog! I actually read something you wrote here, that sent me there. Then I came back here and joined. lol.

My daughter just turned 7 but she is doing work from 4th grade to college level. We carry a violin and digital piano around the world with us ( her teacher is in Chicago via skype) and she does spend a few months here in Spain at the local school ( manly for language and cultural immersion as we continue to homeschool in English too). Keeping up with just her keeps us busy and we focus much of our travels around her interests like this years time in ancient civilizations.

We have a Russian teacher that uses our blog to teach English to her students, a homeschool family in Japan that follows us and finds the children find places more real by seeing her there and gives good jumping off learning opportunities, and a Spanish teacher that we communicate with etc. etc. Most of the ideas come form other people, but I am open to find more ways to share and collaborate in what we are doing.

Thanks so much for that link! This is our second winter in Spain and we are almost back to our moving phase again, so I am trying to get all that I can in while I still have a good internet connection as it comes and goes on the road.

Thanks again!
What a wonderful adventure! I'm enjoying your website and will read more.
Hello soultravelers. Thank you for following me on twitter. I am murcha. And I now follow you as I would love to be travelling as you are and look forward to reading your updates. I did not realise you were a member of classroom2.0 as well. Do you maintain a blog because I would love to follow that. Perhaps I had better check you out in the members forum and not be so lazy.
Wonderful work you are doing

I am working with a client that has a filtered educational web library portal with over 15,000 free educational web sites. We are looking at launching it in Africa Schools and US Rescue Missions. Kindercare has launched this for the students and student families at home for home learning. They are at

We would love to talk with some key people in the home schooling industry or bloogers in the industry. To see how this might work for them. The neat thing I love about it is that free web content from around the world gets integrated into a simple lesson building system. This means that as people like yourself travel you could take a your tube video and blend it with a quick lesson on "African food for children" and then every home school educator could use it. This is not like an LMS. But true colloboation between home school educators.

Any guidance on people we could talk to would be wonderful
More at
Hello All,
Amanda from Ulysses, PA. I am so glad to be here.
Hi Amanda. Glad you're here too. It's always good to have new ideas added to the mix.
Hi! Kristin, brand new teacher at the age of 38! K-4 computers in IL in a rural area. Looking to show 2-4 some safe tools as a new learning style.
Hola. I'm Gloria Newsome and I teach high school Spanish In Kentucky. I am studying for my masters in educational technology and look forward to communicating with the purpose of sharing ideas. I am in my 3rd year and I absolutely love it!
Hi, I'm Debbie Carraway. I'm an information technology manager at a public university, and am interested in the integration of technology and pedagogy.
Hi everyone,

I am Silvana Meneghini, Tech Coordinator, from an american school in São Paulo, Brazil. We are striving to encourage online collaboration. I loved the presentation/approach of this site. It looks promising.



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