Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Greetings! I'm Kris Witker - 5th grade - math, science, and religion teacher in Toledo, Ohio. I'm a sports & technology nut and use both when ever possible in my daily lessons. Looking forward to finding great ideas, as well as sharing, on Classroom 2.0.
My name is Iwona. I worked in Schiller Park, Illinois. I have been teaching 4th grade for 3 years and I really enjoy this grade. This year I would like to find a partner teacher with who I can have a cross classroom collaboration project. We can use Skype to have book discussion, create Wiki, Voki, Voicethread. If you interested please reply and I will contact with you.
Hi Iwona,
I'm practically a neighbor! I live in Addison and taught in Oak Park for 17 years, Forest Park for 20. Now that I'm retired, I'm program manager for Global Virtual Classroom. There is both a contest and a clubhouse. Take a look and see if this fits into your plans.
I would like to do it. First I have to ask my principal. Can two classes participate because I work really close with my team teacher? I know that she would like to do this with me.
Yes, certainly. The general guideline is not more than 40 students from one "class" but two or more teachers can be together. Then you will be assigned two partners from another country for the contest or for the clubhouse, you'd get to choose. I am

Feel free to email also with any questions.
Kia ora ra koutou mai Aotearoa New Zealand,

Hi there I'm an eLearning advisor from Unitec New Zealand but my background is in Maori Language Programmes. Maori is the indigenous language of our country and for the last 20 years we have developed many teaching approaches and strategies to retain our language as it has been a risk of dying. This has been at all levels of education. I would be really interested to here how you are using eLearning in language learning particulary 'kinesthetic use of the computer as a conduit'.

Thanks, Michelle
Hi guys,

My name is Sameer Mehta, and I am recruiting educators to participate in a beta test for this new educational software that Adobe is launching, called Adobe. We have a bunch of testers from users of this forum, and I would love to open it up to all of you. Please email me at if you are interested in participating in this new multimedia software to transform the educational landscape.

Sameer Mehta

I'm Suzanne. I teach 6th grade reading and math in Hopedale Ma. I am just getting my feet wet with social networking. So far so good.
Hi, My name is Deborah J. Boyd and I am working on my PhD in Educational Leadership with Keiser University. I am a cross-over from IT. I got both my degrees in IT Online through CTU. My goal in Education is to convert the American School System to a hybrid or blended system that brings technology with live teachers to maximum use. My method for doing this is individual curriculum. I have witnessed a wonderful platform that was originally developed to help autistic people but it will work for everyone. It has maximum flexibility and real time assessment. I mean...ask any teacher and grading papers is the least favorite activity they engage in. Most prefer live interaction. This is especially true at the PhD level. So we observe the pre-K student and theorize what method they are most comfortable with for learning. Now this original evaluation might be perfect but we will be lucky if we get 50% accuracy. This makes no difference because we can do the same evaluation each year and adjust. Each student, yes, beginning in grade 1, gets a laptop computer that stays with them. Actually we automatically store all events on the computer via CLOUD so if they lose the computer we can download to another. The teacher and support personnel can then analyze the computer data with no psychological effect on the student. It is almost impossible for anyone to understand how they are perceived by someone else. So we develop modules of education that teach at least 3 subjects at once but in about 6 different methods. This is based on the known methods of learning found in the broad culture. The teachers in this case are going to have many different roles to play but instead of computers doing away with teachers they add more. Don't believe me? I am 61 and I can remember when the paper industry said the computers would put them out of business. We use more paper today that was even remotely predicted in 1960. Online education is not "stealing from traditional Universities" but expanding the base at lightening speed. Now some jerk in Iowa is bent on proving that For-Profit Colleges are bad. Iowa is not one of the states closing the gap in minority completion rates. This may very well be because there are so few minorities in Iowa they are not even showing in the statistics. Check the Education Trust Reports available online.
Hi, My name is Anthony Orme. I am a teacher in England and I am researching Web 2.0 technologies. One of the things I would like to know is how social networking sites could be used for schools to promote themselves. Currently social networks are filtered in school so students cannot access them apart from at home. The school would only be able to use the social networking sites when students are at home. I am thinking of some uses that we could use it for, for example, events and photographs of events.

I am wondering if anyone has any experience of this that they might be able to comment on for me and if possible show me their examples.

For those people that use it already for the purposes I am looking into. These are the questions I would like answered:

What made you use social networking sites in promoting your business?

How did you go about using social networking sites in promoting your business?

How long did it take your customers to locate your pages?

What advantages and disadvantages as using social networking sites been to your business?

Are there any areas you have tried out on social networking sites that you will not be doing again?

Are there any areas that you have tried out on social networking sites that you will be taking full advantage again in the future?
hi,myself Shyam Sunder Malhotra,a teacher by heart and by profession,aims to have Education for all and Education to all.Myself from India,state Haryana,Hometown Indri and my workplace is St.Simran Public School,Indri.
Hi everyone. My name is Marita Glowacki and I am a German/Spanish teacher at Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, NJ. I look forward to sharing ideas with other educators and am excited to be here.



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