Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I have downloaded scratch and will play with it. I will ask my school to see if they want to participate in the GVC project.
Great! Good luck to you.
Hello Prakash,
I have been doing the GVC classroom since 2005 and it is a phenomenal and rewarding experience. The kids learn technology, improve their English and learn to share their culture with their teammates.
It is a lot of work but SO rewarding.
Marsha from Israel
I will definitely bring it up with them.
Hello! I'm Lesley from Ohio. I teach 2nd grade at a rural school. This year I have 22 students. We use a Smartboard every day.
Hi Lesley,
I am Marsha from Israel and we have a Hitachi Smartboard and love it so much, Kids learn ESL and technology and the board is awesome.We have a project called Globaldreamers ( Would love to have you and the kids join in our activities.
Maybe we can even Skype online.
Terry Daugherty, Middle School Science 37 years in Bloomington, Indiana. I used ISCS in my curriculum for most of those years. I also included podcasting , video production, and the use of Wikispaces in my classroom.
Hi all. John box here. I am from melbourne, australia, but am currently living and teaching in kobe, japan.
Happy to be here.
Good evening! I am Cara Whitehead from Carlisle Elementary School in Boaz, Alabama. I am a 4th grade teacher and technology coordinator. I am an advocate for technology in education. I am an avid Promethean user, website creator, and workshop leader. I love learning and teaching others! My class website is Follow me on Twitter @whiteheadsclass.
Hi Cara,
Took a look at your web page. Seems to me your school could easily participate in the Global Virtual Classroom contest (and win a cash prize to take care of some of those things on your wish list!) Take a look and if you have questions email me directly at
Hello folks! My name is Nick and I circulate between New Zealand and the US because of my involvement with online educational video.

Apart from my family and plaining guitar and banjo, my passion is using our on-demand subtitled educational videos to bring as many benefits to all students from those in schools, classrooms, homeschools, ESL students and improvement of reading skills, to special needs students, gifted students, dyslexic students and those with reading difficulties, visually impaired students, disabled students and those with learning difficulties.

The reason I feel so strongly about what we do is because what we offer enables every child to learn at their own speed and thereby reach their greatest potential - irrespective of age or ability. And every child deserves that!
I am the ITRT/Technology Coordinator at a small parochial school in Virginia. I joined with Classroom 2.0 to complete a course requirement, but am finding a lot of useful information and connections. Glad to be with this group!



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