Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello folks! My name is Nick and I circulate between New Zealand and the US because of my involvement with online educational video.

Apart from my family and plaining guitar and banjo, my passion is using our on-demand subtitled educational videos to bring as many benefits to all students from those in schools, classrooms, homeschools, ESL students and improvement of reading skills, to special needs students, gifted students, dyslexic students and those with reading difficulties, visually impaired students, disabled students and those with learning difficulties.

The reason I feel so strongly about what we do is because what we offer enables every child to learn at their own speed and thereby reach their greatest potential - irrespective of age or ability. And every child deserves that!
I am the ITRT/Technology Coordinator at a small parochial school in Virginia. I joined with Classroom 2.0 to complete a course requirement, but am finding a lot of useful information and connections. Glad to be with this group!
Hi there,

Spanish teacher working in Badajoz (SouthWest of Spain) in a school with several levels. Looking forward to learn and share knowledge with language speaking teachers.


My name is Kaila Soltez. I am a Pittsburgh, PA native (go Steelers) who moved to southern Maryland to land a high school teaching job. I moved in August of 2006 and have been loving it here ever since. I am now in my 5th year of teaching and added a new prep to my schedule this year - Trigonometry with Probability & Statistics. I also teach Algebra 1 with Cognitive Tutor (a computer program) and am taking 2 grad classes. Needless to say, I do not have much free time for "fun" things.

Hello Everyone
I am Bruce Brown, an owner of e Skills Learning and new to Classroom 2.0. I have been in educational publishing for more years than I care to admit -- and we have recently moved our product development onto the iPod Touch. My vendor pitch is in the "shameless vendor" section. I just wanted to introduce myself here.

I am a native of Philadelphia, spent most of my adult working career in the Baltimore area, and have recently chosen the Mountains of Western North Carolina (Asheville) as home. A beatufiul place to live and work.
Chris Casal, tech teacher/coordinator at PS 10 in Brooklyn.

8th year as a tech teacher, before that I lived my life as a dotcom guy, since '97 - distance learning, on-demand audio and video streaming, live event streaming (I engineered Devo live from the TechTV launch party over ISDN, ah, the good ol' days...), and little traditional film and television worked mixed in to all of that...

I work with k-5 so I run the gamut of basic computer use, drawing, etc to more in-depth internet research, Keynote presentations, and on-line work via my blog, Twitter, and Wikispace (the wiki is still in development).
Hi. My name is Jenn Weiss. I teach Pre-K through 5 computers and manage technology at a Pre-K to 8th grade private school. I'm always looking for new ways all of our teachers can incorporate new tech tools in their classrooms.
Hi Jenn,
I am Marsha from Israel, we are implementing a large project called Globaldreamers with friends around the world.We would love to invite you and your kids to join in our activities at
We share an authentic learning process with global collaboration.Kids really enjoy it and we love making new friends.

I'm a HS Math teacher from Tucson and it is 103 degrees today! And one of our teachers was bitten by a rattlesnake last week. Otherwise Tucson is a great place to live. One of my students is from Sweden. He has been here for six months and I wondered if anyone knows of some Algebra 1 videos in Swedish? I found a translation of math terms. Love the Internet. It would be nice to offer him some instruction in his first language. Thanks.
Hello, everyone. I'm Park Seunghoon, an English teacher in South Korea. Park is my family name, because in Korea, we Koreans put our family name first. Glad to be here! Help me a lot. : ) And I hope to share good ideas.
I am from India.I am working as an Associate Professor in the National Institute of Education.I am interested in use of formative assessment in classrooms.
I am a technology specialist at an elementary school K-5 in Pennington NJ. I work with students and teachers and love my job. I am passionate about the use of technology in education.



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