Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello I'm Sherif and Teach Arabic at MBR in Dubai. I am always looking for anew ways to class technologies and web apps also.
Hi everybody,
I am Sally from Hong Kong. Recently I am planning a new integrated (humanity and language) project about cultures and festivals. I wonder if any of you would be interested in joining my new project about cultures and festivals. Please feel free to contact me :D

Sally (Hong Kong)

I am a Social Studies teacher in Cranston, RI, USA. I have been working with the local China Institute and would like to join your project
Hello Everyone! I'm Erin Powell grade 1 & 2 French Immersion in Surrey, BC, Canada. My goal this year is to use more technology in the classroom, and I'm looking forward to learning what classroom 2.0 is all about!
Bill Morris, Social Studies teacher at Hugh B. Bain Middle School in Cranston, RI
I live in San Jose, CA. I teach Math and Statistics at a community college. Recently, I asked my students to go watch "Waiting for 'Superman'", and email me their thoughts on how to improve K-12 education in America. I was moved and surprised by their passionate response. I collected and posted some of their comments here:

I look forward to integrate my classes, particularly Statistics, in Wish me luck!

I am originally from Bangladesh. Eventually I want to integrate your Services in rural areas of Bangladesh and see how digital education can transform poor children into creative citizens of the world.
Hello! I am from Lancaster, PA. I spent a great deal of time after graduating from college perfecting my role as "World's Greatest Sub." It took me six years to finally get a contract, and I am so glad that I found that the perfect place to truly begin my teaching career. I teach in a small school, where there is only one of each grade (and this year, there is no K, so we have around a 100 students in our school).

I have found that using technology is a great way to spark interest and learning in my classroom. I am excited and anxious to find ways to best use it in my lessons, and hope that being apart of this forum can help me to reach that goal. Happy learning and teaching to everyone!
Hi Amy B, here :) I am a college student at UTSA majoring in education. Our teacher has given us the assignment to get involved in online education communities. I hope I can learn and help others on here. thanks!
Hello. My name is Bill and I am a college student in Texas studying to become a teacher. One of my classes is focusing on using technology in the classroom as an instruction aid. I look forward to reading any posts that would be helpful to my future endeavors and sharing concepts and ideas.
Hi. I am a grade five teacher at an International IB-PYP school in Germany. The students and I are currently using Edmodo, Voicethreads and an edublog classroom blog to share our thinking and collaborate with others. The students have opportunities to present their thinking using all sorts of web2.0 tools - glogster, prezi and photo peach are amongst the current favourites.

I'm very keen to connect with people from all corners. If you are looking for a class to buddy up with, I'd love to talk more. If you are looking to talk and share classroom practise ideas, I'd love to talk more. As we begin to prepare for our PYP Exhibition I'd especially like to connect with other exhibition teachers.
Check out
The contest has actually already begun, but we have a few spots on teams where partners have "disappeared".
My names are norbert boruett. I come from Kenya. I am a medical educationist and a certified Moodler and i enjoy integrating web 2.0 in the normal curriculum.Basically i teach in the largest paramedic college in Kenya. The institution is called kenya medical training college. In the recent i have been teaching in some local university- I have a passion for web 2.0 as learning tools



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