Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi, I'm Cheryl Triplett and I am an Instructional Technology Coach for the elementary level here in Sumter, South Carolina. I help teachers integrated technology into their wonderful classroom lessons. I enjoy this site. I gain useful knowledge every time I drop in!
I´m Spanish and I´m working as a Teacher of Spanish as a FL in the Instituto Cervantes in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I think that web 2.0 is a powerful tool in order to improving our learning activity. I take part in a project call "Nodos_ele":
Hi, I'm Ian Grove-Stephensen the CEO of Yacapaca, the free web 2.0 assessment platform for schools and educators of school-age kids everywhere. Most of our half-million+ members are in the UK, or in British International Schools around the world. I am really keen to spread the word in other English-speaking territories (USA, Canada, Australia, NZ especially) so do come over and take a look, or feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions or questions!
I am a digital immigrant, when I first went to college computers were a computer main frome with terminals that you had to sign up for. There were no word processors and type writers were the norm. I learned to use a computer at age 40 and just loved it. I am a very bad typist and the computer would have made college and typing papers so much easier. I work in technology now and began working when the internet was still quite young and no where near as vast as it is now. I love watching the evolution of the internet and the places it seems to be going. I work predominantly in an elementary school with a small amount of time in a middle school. I try to find new ways for teachers to inspire and engage students and I think technology helps provide that. I am just now really learning all about Web 2.0 and the tools involved.
Greetings, all. I'm a techie and an educator with degrees in both. For the past few years, I was running a research project at Stanford on high-performance learning environments, doing everything from crawling around in the wiring to formal data collection and whitepapers. Now I'm the community consultant at the KnowledgeWorks Foundation, which has partnered with the Institute for the Future to create a Map of Future Forces Affecting Education. I author a blog on the future of education, and I hope many of you will find both the Map and the blog useful resources.
Hi everyone, I'm Helen.

I'm an Australian teacher working in a P-6 school in Melbourne. I am currently teaching Grade 4 and have a leading teacher role in the school. I lead a lot of professional development within my own school and for other teachers around the themes of powerful learning and ICT integration.

I've been integrating technology into the classroom for quite a few years now, especially with digital portfolios and creative multi-media. I have only just started playing with the web 2.0 apps and have so far loved it.
Hi Helen,
nice to meet another Melbournian in this global space. It sounds like our interests coincide in lots of ways. I am a teacher of English at a secondary school in the eastern suburbs.
Greetings to everyone! My name is Jim Hollis and I work with teachers to help them use technology in the classroom.

I'm currently helping a group of teachers in two school districts in Arizona learn how to utilize the SmartBoard interactive whiteboard. As part of this, I created the blog Teachers Love SMART Boards. If you know any teachers who use SmartBoards, please let them know about this resource. It has no advertisements and I don't promote any products to make money. It's purpose is simply to help teachers who use SmartBoards and was created as part of an EdTech grant.

I also provide live, real-time interactive professional development for teachers to help them use various technologies in the classroom.
I teach computers for k-8 in two different sites. One 4 days a week and the other 1 day day a week. I have been teaching computers for 9 years. Each school has a different set of resources available-mostly no budgets at all so I use lots of open source software to teach . I have a great and growing list of free programming software

I am Vidya Ganesh.

I am in the domain of children, special needs and education for the last 3 years. I represent a software team based at South India, that develops free, online, edutainment games for children of all abilities. We have also launched a fun, comic strip generator tool that offers a great platform for combining learning with fun.

I am glad to be here at classroom2.0 and look forward to interacting with experts involved in this domain.

Vidya Ganesh
Welcome Vidya. Your games look great. I work in a high school, but I'm sure my children will enjoy them. Let me know if you have any questions about how to navigate this network. I think you will find a lot of great resources here. We aren't all experts, but we are all interested in learning from each other.
Hi Vidya

The comic strips are awesome and the layout is pretty neat. Very beautifully done !!!!! and the idea is good. Let me try some of them.




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